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  1. JLac
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    Sorry to break the author’s bubble, but he has no idea how many carried guns, started fights, had homosexual encounters, etc. You can assume that many of them carried diseases because personal hygiene lacked at the time as well as other things on the list, but there is no reliable written history from this period. Like the author stated, most cowboys were illiterate therefore couldn’t document their travels, which I only agree with because most frontier people were. This list is mostly guesswork.

    1. Gaza
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      When i was reading this list I was thinking the Exact same thing. No way Most of these accounts are accurate. Very bad Journalism by the author.

  2. noone important
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    There’s nothing surprising about German interest in the Wild West. Ever heard of May and his Winnetou stories?
    Heck, the Germans have probably made mor western movies than the Americans and Italians combined. Most of them filmed in Yugoslavia…

    The cowboy stereotype popularised by western genre was simple and powerfull. It did fit a totalitarian propaganda well, that;’s why hitler liked it, that’s why Stalin became John Wayne’s great fan (according to Khruschev he saw the pro-American message in his films so powerfull, that he ordered Wayne’s assasination)

    Also, in the GDR the horse e-enthusiasts could not refer to their military cavalry history, as it would be seen as nostalgic toward s Nazi times or the Prussian imperialism, so cowboys were seen as less-risky symbols.


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