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    There is another misconception about Feminism, one which you have missed out in this list. This misconception is that everyone should be a Feminist. I’m not a Feminist, I’m proud that I’m not, and I never will be a Feminist. There is nothing that I am more proud of than not calling myself a Feminist. I do support equality between men and women, but I also support all forms of equality. I support equality for gay people [there are still countries in the world which do not offer gay marriage and there are still countries in the world which punish people for being gay], I support fighting against Racism, [I often hear people using Racist language] and I want to end oppression of men as well as oppression of women. I want women to be free to behave in ways that are associated with men but I also want men to be free to behave in ways that are associated with women. I want to end inequality for people with Special Needs or disabilities. I want to end oppression of people with allergies [hardly anyone even realizes that people with allergies are oppressed, but only because oppression against people with allergies is so internalised in the world]. I want to end inequalities for children [the education system has a lot of inequalities for children]. I want to end other inequalities too. I don’t see nearly as much talk about ending any inequality as I do about ending inequality for women. I don’t want to seem like I am only interested in ending inequalities for women. In fact I have even come across methods of Feminism which have discriminated against other groups of people. For example, the word “mansplaining” is Sexist against men. People can say that it isn’t, but if it was the word “blacksplaining” then people would think it was Racist, so I don’t see why the word “mansplaining” isn’t seen as Sexist. I also don’t think that Feminism is doing enough to fight against inequality for women in the Middle East. I agree with the 4th misconception you have listed, but the reality that not all Feminists agree on the same facts is part of why I am not a Feminist. I often come across people making it seem like it is clear cut how someone acts according to Feminism, but I can see that it isn’t, and I don’t want to be part of a movement in which people behave in such a different way to each other.


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