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  1. Sarah Conner
    Sarah Conner at |

    I think that lady lives across the street.

    1. TopTenz
      TopTenz at |

      Then I would move.

  2. ChandlerC
    ChandlerC at |

    Interesting list. Inf act I have seen The Golem, How He Came Into This World a few years a go, as a small group showed him in a cinema, playing live music how it was done with early silent movies like ‘Golem.”

    But wouldn’t say that it plays with the Frankenstein myth, as the myth of the Golem was much older. Of course it is some similar story, but it’s not directly the Frankenstein myth.

  3. Graham
    Graham at |

    Just FYI, both “A Warning to the Curious” and “Whistle and I’ll Come to You” are based on stories by M.R. James.

  4. Minority Muslimah
    Minority Muslimah at |

    My favorite overlooked movie is “Below”. I’m terrified of things under water so the whole haunted submarine thing is genuinely creepy to me. I love the ghost story/mystery at the heart of the movie and highly recommend it:)

  5. ed
    ed at |

    Warning to the curious, like many M R James stories, is based in East Anglia. You’d have to have pretty good binoculars to view the Atlantic from there as its on the other side of the country!


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