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  1. Ken
    Ken at |

    I have actually left the country without a passport. Before 9/11 you could travel freely between the US/ Canadien border with a mere certificate of birth. I have one now but I can see why Americans wouldnt need one. A lot of great places to travel just within our borders.

  2. Cynthia Simpson
    Cynthia Simpson at |

    I live close to Canada so I want to travel there. I lived in Japan as a youngster while my dad was stationed there, but that was back in the early 1960s and I’m sure things have changed greatly since I was there.

  3. CJB
    CJB at |

    Re # 7: Perhaps inhabitants of Australia earn more money than Americans do. Perhaps getting a passport is easier for them. Perhaps they have more time off. Perhaps they don’t have to jack with long, ridiculous security lines at airports that make air travel an absolute nightmare. Perhaps they don’t have airlines gouging them financially for what used to be standard amenities like a blanket. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

    Just because 50% of Americans have never left the country doesn’t mean they don’t like to travel. The USA is a huge place with a lot to see… why leave it?

    Just sayin’! 🙂

    1. Dingus the Dingo
      Dingus the Dingo at |

      CJB, easy to find out if you search. Australian average wages are high, but US average wages are higher (though it’s always hard to compare due to taxation and cost of living differences).
      On the second point, I think it’s about the same.
      Yes, we have more time off (but tend not to use it).
      I don’t think air travel is a s bad as it is in the US, but still not fun.
      Yes, airlines gouge (the take their queues from the US) but are probably not as bad.

      As per your last point, it’s quite valid. Same argument is made here though. Travel when you are young is kind of a right-of-passage in Australia, so I think there is a cultural difference.

    2. Barry Rand
      Barry Rand at |

      I agree. I have 5 cruises all over the world under my belt with the wife. Our best cruise? To Alaska!!! Second best trip–we drove from Houston to San Francisco and back last year (over 5000 miles in 3 weeks) and didn’t even get heartburn — year before last my wife went to Mexico and came back to 3 days in ICU with the “Bug”.
      We took a cruise all over Europe in 2011. Three weeks and a dozen places—most places we ran into the most rude people on the planet. A bus driver in Rome kicked us off the bus at the airport–our ticket said we paid $100.00 to go to the Marriott hotel but he said “not my problem–get off”.
      We had to pay another $60 for a cab ride to hotel. In fact the best tour we had was the Vatican–believe it–the very best guide WAS AN AMERICAN who retired from Army and lived in Rome….otherwise I have come to really dislike the people who stiff us at every turn:–the cruiselines, the guides, etc.

  4. Dave
    Dave at |

    Hey Ken! Stay to hell out of Canada – you cannot even spell Canadian. Yeah, America is all you will even need. It’s so great.

  5. Dave
    Dave at |

    That was sarcasm, you narrow-minded hillbillies.

  6. Dave
    Dave at |

    Oh, and another fact: AMERICA refers to all of the Americas, not just the USA. There’s North America, Central America, and South America with many countries within each. At worst you are Upper Mexicans and at best you are Lower Canadians. Your downfall is just beginning with your new Commandant Orange Julius Caesar. Good luck!

  7. Barry Rand
    Barry Rand at |

    One thing I find about foreign places is the way they treat tourists. I have been to many foreign countries. I find most either rude, try to screw tourists, have hundreds of beggars selling schlock merchandise. NO wonder Americans don’t want to live or visit other countries. I remember only one experience I had in Europe worth its money–$80.00 my wife and I paid a guide to go thru the Vatican in Rome–GUESS WHAT?–HE WAS AN AMERICAN….
    I found Rome was about the worst place for tourists and some blame was on the travel agency and some on the travel guides…
    So all and all — AMERICA is SO GREAT…who needs expensive countries who want to rip off Americans who go there to enjoy friendship and spend our money. BTW: As an American I think Euros and others are weird–they all seem to live in small mega-ugly apartment flats and don’t have cars..I will take the USA with its beautiful homes, parks, and shiny cars all over the place…


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