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  1. Nansi Alexander
    Nansi Alexander at |

    Great article, but Henry spared Anne being beheaded by ax, not the guillotine.

  2. Bill
    Bill at |

    I have always herd it was an ax. But recently, I heard she was beheaded quite unexpececded. She did not know it was about to happen when it occurred and that it did not occur as in the movies with being lead to an excutioner’s block and said a final farewell and then beheaded. If Henry really hated her as this article seems to suggest……I would imagine that he would have dragged out the whole execution as long as possible just to make her suffer. Would appreciate comments . Thanx

  3. Paul James
    Paul James at |

    Apparently Henry was not concerned about Anne’s welfare, but his own reputation as (as he considered it) the heir of Camelot, and follower of the Code of Chivalry which influenced Henry most of his life. Accordingly, he was “required” by the code to treat women with special courtesy — the prescribed punishment for a woman guilty of Anne’s alleged crimes was burning alive. The axe was quicker, but gross and undignified (her male co-conspirators were axed rather than forced to undergo the prescribed horrors of drawing and quartering; again, a matter of style, not mercy — Henry had none). A sword was much more elegant.


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