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    #7, how was the emperor a racist?

    1. Jahaerys
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      He enslaved various races and viewed some as lesser. Kyshyyk is conquered and its entire population of Wookies are thereafter used as slave labour. That’s just one example. But consider this, how many non-human Imperial troops/officers do we ever see in the original films, or the prequels?
      Basically, Emperor Palatine is Space Hitler.
      I could go on but there’s no need to.

  2. TRM
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    i love the acting skills of Mace Windu.

  3. Brian_the_adequate
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    Legolas could not have taken the One Ring to Mordor. He would have been corrupted, only the Hobbits were resistant to the ring’s influence.

  4. Vlad
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    hmmm. I just started this site. But see that this page is solely made on the writer’s opinions and not any facts.

    Optimus prime- is not just another robot. he is the leader of autobots. His physique and his power is no match for the rest of the autobots. while the story line in comics differ to the movies, megatron and optimus are same ranking officials including overload and lockdown. PRIME is the name given to the commanding robots by their creators. as such, rodimus prime, optimus prime etc. The other autobots are small physically as well.

    On the TMNT- Rapahael is bigger in size, earning him more responsibility when fighting phsycially bigger enemies. I have watched the movie but failed to understand on what basis these comments were made since through out the movie, the turtles act as a team. Although in both the cartoons and the movies, leonardo is the brain in fights and the team leader. nothing happens without his advice so you may have written about him being the absolute vodka


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