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  1. ScubaSteve
    ScubaSteve at |

    Microsoft still releases security updates for ATM and POS machines running Windows XP. There is also a registry hack that anyone with XP on a home system can use to get the updates as well.

  2. Craig in Portland
    Craig in Portland at |

    In my lab we have three $100,000 machines that are operated by computer. XP is the HIGHEST operating system the analyzers can run on, because Microsoft deemed the communications protocols are now obsolete. It would bankrupt my private laboratory to replace those analyzers just because Microsoft deemed it so. I would guess THAT’S WHY XP is still in use.

  3. Fernando Cordeiro
    Fernando Cordeiro at |

    I still have an old typewriter and ocasionally use it. It helps me save ink of my jet printer.I agree with Will Self. They’re good for authors to make their first drafts,avoiding the temptations of Facebook,etc. you’ll find on computers.

  4. eatdogs
    eatdogs at |

    CRT’s are the best when it comes to retro gaming. At least up to the sixth generatios of consoles which are jsut about retro now (Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox).

  5. Liz
    Liz at |

    Many companies still use typewriters to print on checks too. They make nice ones these days, not like the ones back in the 80s (which you wanted to smack every half hour out of frustration).

  6. Jack
    Jack at |

    Re: CRT v. LCD

    While I much prefer LCD monitors, I do have 4 of 5 CRT-based monitors that I purchased in the 1975-1985 time-frame, and they still work great for their intended purposes.

    I’ve purchased over 10 LCD monitors within the past 10 years, and only 3 are still working, and one of those no longer works 100% because it uses an obsolete “protocol”. I also just had to NEEDLESSLY replace my 3-year “old” LCD monitor because it is no longer compatible with my cable TV service provider’s set-top box FIRMWARE, and the monitor’s FIRMWARE can’t be updated because it involves HDCP, licensed software encrypt/decrypt code needed for displaying High-Definition shows.

    The primary benefit of the LCD monitors is they take much less power and thus save money…but it’s annoying that I always have to keep a spare monitor on hand because the LCDs aren’t as reliable/long-lived as the CRT monitors.

  7. Jack
    Jack at |

    On a related “throw-away society” topic…I also expect this “throw-away the LCD monitor every few years” to continue…because it is obsolete…NOT because it failed! This is because the entertainment industry continues to successfully lobby for constantly changing customer unfriendly content “protection” firmware/software and because the electrical hardware interfaces continue to change and are not required to be downward compatible.

    The same thing happens with Blu-Ray disc players when new HDCP schemes are implemented the “old” players (some literally just months old) are unable to play new Blu-Ray movies because of the new protections encoded on the Blu-Ray discs. Many players cannot be updated because the manufacturers stop supporting them within months. “Just buy a new one” is their mantra.

    But then again, “streaming” is beginning to obsolete DVD/Blu-Ray…which in the U.S. means you have to pay a lot of money on a monthly basis for a high-bandwidth internet connection with either unlimited or a very large data cap (or pay obscenely extra each month)…so much for user choice, privacy (they do keep records of what you watch, when, and how much), and being able to watch movies untethered from the internet.

  8. Henry
    Henry at |

    When I need to find if a place is open, it is much easier to find their phone number in the phone book. Even when I had internet at home, I would have to wait for the computer to turn on, then wait for the internet to connect, then hope I could find the telephone number for that place.

  9. pet
    pet at |

    You forgot to mention PHP as horrible outdated technologies. I actually googled php and found this article because you have .php in the URL.

  10. uzz
    uzz at |

    > You forgot to mention PHP as horrible outdated technologies. I actually googled php and found this article because you have .php in the URL.

    PHP is #0 in this list.


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