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  1. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I gotta include one of my favorite dunks. This was the second year that Steve Nash won his MVP award and many thought Kobe should have won. Well, in this instance Kobe won dunking emphatically over Mr. Nash, even though the Suns beat LA in the first round coming back from a 3-1 deficit.

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  2. Tony
    Tony at |

    Number five is very misleading, Starks didn't dunk "in the face" of Jordan, watch the video again man. Jordan comes in late to defend and is behind Starks.

  3. P
    P at |

    Starks didn't dunk on Jordan. He dunked on Horace Grant.

  4. New Orleans Personal
    New Orleans Personal at |

    I have to agree with the previous two commenters. Starks didn't dunk on Jordan. Jordan wasn't even the closest defender. The closest defender was H. Grant.

    If you're familiar with basketball, maybe you can help me with a video I want to find. I brought my girlfriend to a Hornets game like three years ago here in New Orleans for a date. J.R. Smith was on the team and I believe we were playing the Spurs. It was some kind of bring your boyfriend/girlfriend two tickets, two drinks, and two shirts. Anyway, J.R. did a one hand jam over Bowen. Anyone remember this? It was sick!

  5. PastTime
    PastTime at |

    I am the writer of this list and I agree that it was a bit of an overstatement to say that Starks dunked in the face of Jordan, although Jordan did try to contend his dunk. It would have been better to list the dunk over Horace Grant.

  6. Casey
    Casey at |

    Those are sick. My favorites are #4 & #6. I don't know why, but I think that Chambers dunk is so sick. Obviously, the Dr. J dunk is unreal. How do you cup the ball while moving full-speed and then just bang on somebody's face?

  7. vince087
    vince087 at |

    hear the comentators reaction on the last one

  8. Rachel Rush
    Rachel Rush at |

    Listening to these French announcers is more brutal than being dunked over in an Olympic game.

  9. CJ Phillips
    CJ Phillips at |

    Ever look at photos of Wilt Chamberlain in his early 20s dunking. Think of Michael Jordan but only 7 inches taller

  10. vic
    vic at |

    You missed Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing for a facial and then a push to the ground!

  11. Ck3
    Ck3 at |

    The pippen dunk over Ewing should be on this list.. Amazing dunk, bitter rivalry of the 90's, In the playoffs, and the ending over Patrick on the ground and words for Spike Lee and all of New York…

    Epic to say the least

  12. GrandNubian
    GrandNubian at |

    The Pippen over Ewing dunk might be the best dunk of all time:


  13. eatdogs
    eatdogs at |

    Ha Ha that Pippen Ewing dunk is hilarious when you watch it on the uncensored NBA Trash Talk videos by itsreal85. Here check it out



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