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  1. Bill Chapman
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    Sorrty. Esperanto is an “actual language”

    I have found Esperanto of a lot of use when travelling on my own, to get my bearings within a country. Esperanto may not be perfect, but I’ve used it successfully
    in Africa, South America and Europe, and it does the job, serving as a unique
    common language on my travels in, for example, Armenia and Bulgaria.

    Esperanto hasn’t yet gained the recognition it deserves. However, all things considered, it has actually done amazingly well. In 129 years, it has managed to grow from a drawing-board project to a complete and living natural language with probably a couple of million speakers in over 120 countries and a rich literature and cosmopolitan culture, with little or no official backing and even bouts of persecution. It hasn’t taken the world by storm – yet – but it’s slowly but surely moving in that direction, with the
    Internet giving it a significant boost in recent years.

  2. Cole
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    Dutch aint evem easy to learn


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