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  1. N'dah Augustin Tari
    N'dah Augustin Tari at |

    Wonderful and well researched stuff for our human race.

  2. Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper at |

    This article may contain some events from the history but the bias author failed to provide the actual facts Christian rulers. One can easily figure out that he wants to portray Muslims as bad and evil and crusaders as good Samaritans. Completely Ignoring the ruthless crime committed by the crusaders against the Muslims. Forgetting the fact that praising crusaders is like praising Hitler after the holocaust. You seriously need to go back and take history 101 to understand the reality of all these battles that took place between Christians and Muslims.

    1. t1
      t1 at |

      Comparing the crusades to the holocaust and Hitler is overreacting. After all the Muslims were trying to invade the Mediterranean and eventually Europe through their constant expansions starting with the Battle of Yarmouk in 636 and the conquest of Egypt in 641. They had even conquered Spain, Sicily, Cyprus and Crete already, not to mention the whole Balkan peninsula after the final fall of the Byzantine empire, only to be stopped at the walls of Vienna much later. And still it did not stop there. Muslim piracy and enslavement was a constant threat up until the 19th century. Almost all of the Mediterranean coasts were deserted and any settlement was built in a defensible position in order to hide and defend from Muslim pirates. I would say the author is not biased but rather accurate.

  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    This isn’t very accurate. The traditional portrayal of Christendom invading and taking from the Islamic world is incorrect as Christendom was there first. After Islamic expansion into Spain, and even as far north as Austria, it was time to put a stop to it. Like any group, Europe wanted to stop invasion of its holy sites and prevent further Muslim expansion. It’s funny how this gets forgotten, especially in the last 16 years.


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