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  1. Tox
    Tox at |

    squirrel girl

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Agreed. Now I want to expand this list.

  2. King Kasper
    King Kasper at |

    I’m sorry and I don’t normally comment like this (I even went out of my way to make a discus account to make this comment) but this list is mostly shit. It’s obvious that all you did was dig through the marvel database and you STILL missed most of the more legitimate choices. SO for the sake of keeping my criticism constructive take a look at these guys and realize how much you missed the mark. In no particular order:

    The Fulcrum
    Franklin Richards
    Mad Jim Jaspers
    Molecule Man (pre ret-con but you are using that version of the Beyonder so it’s only fair)
    Living Tribunal
    Impossible Man
    Matthew Malloy
    Mr. M
    Hope Summers
    X-Man (Nathaniel Grey)

    Some of your choices are on point, namely The Beyonder, The Pheonix and Dormammu. I will even concede that maybe, MAYBE, The Sentry, Hulk, Galactus, or Black Bolt in the most specific of situations could take out the modern toned down Super Man. HOWEVER, Deadpool, Ant-man and the Destroyer have absolutely no place on that list.

    Seriously, take a look into the characters I listed and it’s pretty much a guarantee you will agree with me.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Thanks for adding to this list.

  3. Diann Cambre
    Diann Cambre at |

    Thanos,Dr.Doom,Silver Surfer,Thor and if I remember right Spider-man held his own pretty well way back when.Dr.Strange,and don’t underestimate Howard the Duck!LOL!

  4. IndyAndyJones
    IndyAndyJones at |

    First of all, everyone on your list who needs kryptonite is a BS choice. Where are they going to get it? Since you’ve apparently decided kryptonite is just sitting around waiting for anyone who wants it to pick it up and kill Superman, let’s add Hydra Bob and Aunt Mae to the list. Heck, let’s add dead uncle Ben to the list too, just cover him in spiked kryptonite armor and drop him on the Man of Steel.

    Deadpool being on the list is ridiculous because your argument in favor of him is basically, “I don’t know how, but he was in a movie that people liked and I *heart* Ryan Reynolds. So gay buttplug joke.”

    In your entry about the Hulk, you say Superman beat the Hulk, which someone makes you certain that the Hulk can beat Superman “on any given day.” Then in your entry about the Sentry, you say that the Sentry and the Hulk tied in a fight, and that somehow tying in a fight with the Hulk proves that the Sentry is as strong as someone who beat the Hulk in a fight.

    I certainly hope you didn’t get paid for this complete failure if a list.


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