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  1. Peder
    Peder at |

    What about Lieutenant Hubert Gruber?
    Certainly memorable.

  2. coochie
    coochie at |

    How on earth can you leave completely off the list the best and most chilling Nazi portrayal of all time – Ralph Fiennes and Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List?

  3. Clint Carter
    Clint Carter at |

    Unfortunately Amon Goeth was a real person. Terrifyingly he was even more evil than depicted in the film. Steven Spielberg had to leave out his torture dungeon and other details for fear that audiences would see it as over the top and would not believe it to be true.

    In Enemy at the Gates and Das Boot both Major Koenig and Capt. Lehmann-Willenbrock are implied to not be members of the Nazi Party. Neither movie addresses Nazi idealism, however at one point Major Koenig is shown removing some Nazi medals, and during the wild party scene at the beginning of Das Boot they are playing swing music. Hitler had banned all non-Aryan music and expected all Germans to listen to only classical music and dance to only Waltzes.


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