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  1. sajja
    sajja at |

    Don’t worry, people more dumber than him will vote him in as the next President of the U.S.

  2. akajomiha
    akajomiha at |

    I’m impressed that you were able to narrow it down to 10! No easy feat.

  3. Bassblaster505
    Bassblaster505 at |

    Is there anything that man has said that isn’t stupid?

  4. Sdftygg
    Sdftygg at |

    Still would much rather have Trump than Clinton.

  5. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    Trump is a populist who’s benefitting from the anti-establishment mood of the GOP stirred up by the Tea Party movement back in 2010. He’s not a conservative and only barely a Republican. He’s a clown.

    Meanwhile, in the interest of fair play, I’m sure there’s going to be a list on the dumbest things Hillary has said forthcoming from Morris M.

    Actually, I’m pretty sure there isn’t. He’s got a long history at another site of using lists to push his own personal political agenda. I dare him to prove me wrong.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      I don’t think he reads comments. But I’ll mention it to him.

  6. Red Burgh
    Red Burgh at |

    I can’t stand Trump, but for the record, CFL bulbs are not environmentally friendly.

  7. Flyercrazy
    Flyercrazy at |

    97% of all scientists do not believe in global warming! That is a lie by the left. 97% of the scientists who may have been interviewed about a certain book or paragraph may have agreed with that book or paragraph but it is far from the truth 97% of the worlds scientists believe in global warming. Typical liberal spin, lets just call it a lie.

    1. Kevin John Braid
      Kevin John Braid at |

      lol what… 97% DO believe actually. u got it backwards son

      1. Flyercrazy
        Flyercrazy at |

        The moderators keep deleting the source and information I am sending you because it is not consistent with the convenient lie most on the left believe regarding this issue of the 97%, even though it can be proved what they believe has been built upon inaccurate information. Why else would the moderator not allow the information I keep sending you to be posted?
        It blows me away journalists would prefer to live a lie even when it is determined the prior information which fits the box they want to live in demonstrates they are wrong. I suppose people will continue to live a lie simply to fit their world view.
        What a sad world this has become, a time when our journalists who we are suppose to trust betray us.


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