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  1. Braddock
    Braddock at |

    Re: Mountain Dew sales figure. $125 Billion annually? I think that is overstated greatly.

  2. FoonTheElder
    FoonTheElder at |

    Vernors Ginger Ale was supposedly created in the 1860s and is still sold by Dr. Pepper/Snapple group.
    Coca-Cola still uses coca in their formula. They are the largest users of legal coca in the US today, imported by Stepan Bros Co.

  3. Douglas John Pass
    Douglas John Pass at |

    Coca-Cola contained coca, not cocaine. Cocaine is manufactured from coca, which is widely drunk in Bolivia much as coffee or mate is in other countries. There is a coca soft drink called (ready?) Coca-Colla in Bolivia.

  4. KLD
    KLD at |

    And here I thought that the Mountain Dew stereotype of the soda being a redneck fave was just a stereotype.

  5. Gaza
    Gaza at |

    Red bull was invented because in Thailand truckers were falling asleep on long drives. Nobody ever does the Polar beverage company. Coca Cola stole their polar bear idea.


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