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  1. Shawn O
    Shawn O at |

    Pretty interesting, but those “big game hunters” weren’t going to bag any big game with their .22 rifles in Washington State. Maybe they were hunting squirrels & rabbits…

  2. Dave Groves
    Dave Groves at |

    That was my first thought too. Big game hunters carrying a .22? Sure – it doesnt say they were actively hunting big game but mentions they were avid bear hunters (probably for comparison) but it makes it sound like they were claiming to be gig game hunters yet only had .22’s. This is the type story that gives those of us who actually witnessed these creatures a bad name. Its not the people telling their story. Its how the story was written and portrayed. They want to give the reader that doubt.

  3. StonerNVA
    StonerNVA at |

    Boys…read .223…not your grandpa’s rabbit rifle…same load as used effectively in Vietnam…many a dead gook can attest to.

  4. Doug
    Doug at |

    It did not say 223. It clearly said 22. Big difference In ballistics. before you call” boys”. Read and understand.

  5. Tsad Jatko
    Tsad Jatko at |

    Besides common sense and my gift of discernment for deception there are 10 very good scientific reasons why Big Foot, alias Sasquatch, alias Nanaik, alias Skunk Ape, alias Tsadjatko…there are over 100 aliases for the Big Foot doesn’t exist in any of these places. Here you go:

    Bigfoot Doesn’t Fit in the Food Chain (I like this 1 of 10):

    The Photographic and Video Evidence is Poor:

    Bigfoot is Too Big to Go Unnoticed:

    No Bigfoot Fossils Exist:

    Successful Breeding Is Unlikely:

    Misidentification is Widespread:

    There Were No Sightings Before 1958:

    Lack of Killings Despite Reward:

    Bigfoot is a Hoaxer’s Paradise:

    Lack of Physical Evidence:

    For further explanation see the comment on hubpages.com/education/Photographing-Bigfoot-One-Mans-Journey


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