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    A slight correction regarding #8: In total 30 women, of which 3 held the Dutch nationality, were arrested during the dress incident in South Africa. They were wearing orange dresses, the colors of the Dutch national team, which displayed a large logo of the Dutch Bavaria brewery.
    Their arrest even lead to questions in the Dutch parliament and of course a huge amount of additional publicity for the brewery 🙂

    To be fair, you can’t fully blame #5 on FIFA. The abysmal working conditions for the construction workers are mainly due to the policies of the Quatar government and aren’t merely tied to the construction of the football stadiums, but apply to the whole industry within Quatar (and many of its neighboring countries).
    However, one could discern a certain red-thread, since there were multiple deadly accidents and even strikes from construction workers against their working conditions during the construction of the stadiums in both South Africa, 2010 and Brazil, 2014.

    A nice hot-from-the-press addition to the list: About 2 weeks ago the news leaked out that members of the Executive Board received Swiss watches to the value of US $ 25.000 during the last championship in Brazil.

    As for your last statement: ‘… the game itself is great’, I think that should be considered as a strictly personal observation 😉


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