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  1. FAd
    FAd at |

    Yep that’s awesome but I’m still hoping to get the app for a better version if I can get it back on my app and it will not let you get to a full version and I have no problem getting a new version app for a while but it would have to have a better version if you can try it out

  2. FAd
    FAd at |

    Yep I just want a good day for the people who have done that for the first year but they have been the missing one so long and I don’t know if it will happen again but I’ll have to wait until they are back on my birthday today but I’m still hoping for the next one or two weeks later I’m not even gonna talk

  3. Zippy
    Zippy at |

    Two things:

    I often see 1 star Amazon ratings with which the reviewer writes a glowing review.

    Are higher Rotten Tomato ratings good or bad?


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