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  1. JLac
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    It amazes me that even the smartest people on Earth are so close minded that they still insist life can only exist where there is water. Just because life on Earth requires water, doesn’t mean all life in the universe would require water. They could live off of some substance that we don’t even know about yet.

    1. anon
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      they don’t mean water as in h2o
      they mean water as in there has to be a liquid element

  2. KLD
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    -So, I once saw this documentary about life in a galaxy far far away. It was amazing and, miraculously, the lifeforms were very similar to us. My viewing was many decades ago so forgive me for not remembering the exact name. Something about a war in the stars, I think???
    -Anyway, of course there is life out there. The only group that does not at least think it is possible are the stubbornly religious. Anyone with an open mind and an imagination cannot think for a second that we are all there is in our ridiculously huge universe. I, for one, agree with Dr. Hawking’s in that they would be hostile and would crush us in days. Probably for food rather than resources but, either way, we still end up dead.
    -Or, maybe this thing we call life is just a simulation.


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