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  1. Stick
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    I can answer some of these. We call it a Toonie because it’s a TWO dollar coin but we spell it like Loonie. They’re talking about changing our $5 bill to a Foonie. Ha ha! Just kidding about that one. Our bills suck. They are made of polymer and when you unfold them, there are no creases…they just kind of curl. They’re a pain in cash registers because they’re all curling up and out. As for Poutine, yes it looks a bit gross but OMGITSFREAKINGDELICIOUS! Pennies were useless and they cost more to make than they were worth so buh-bye. We say Sorry because we are polite and when you bump into someone you don’t just ignore them. That’s rude. And we are polite because that’s the way people should be 🙂

    Speaking of rude, what’s up with Americans saying Uh-huh instead of You’re Welcome?

  2. Jerry Farajalla
    Jerry Farajalla at |

    That was nice knowledge and vast information about Canada and it’s amicable people

  3. Johnny Canuck
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    We’re not nice – we just recognize that at the end of the day – we’re all in this together, eh?

    1. Jonathan Reiter
      Jonathan Reiter at |

      Yes. Yes, we are…

  4. BAC
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    The AHL fact is inaccurate. Canada had Toronto, Manitoba and St. John’s in the AHL last season, and for this coming season, they’ll have Toronto, Manitoba, Laval and Belleville.


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