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  1. Chris K.
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    This all sounds realistic, except that you seem to be thinking of it in a situation where they all leave at once, rather than over time.

  2. Jenna
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    “National Review reported that in Arizona, a study by the Government Accountability Office found that illegal immigrants were roughly 28% more often convicted of homicide-related crimes than native born citizens. In California the likelihood was approximately 33% higher.”

    Those numbers could just as easily be attributed to prejudice and bias. Juries are probably wont to look less favorably on an “illegal” and thus, be more likely to convict them with less evidence than they would demand for a citizen.

  3. kruguer jose
    kruguer jose at |

    the ilegal immigrant issue, has not been thought out properly, Mr. trump, has no idea of how the economy will react under such condition. I can only suggest for everyone to read the experiments in small communities in new mexico and texas where the sheriffs began, with the annuency of the town hall to incarcerate ilegal immigrants, the ilegal immigrants left town, there were no workforce to pick up the produce, sales dropped and business closed, therefore the town turned into a ghost town, you can guess what happened to the sheriff.
    in another town they tried the same experiment, two weeks after all the businessmen requested to the sheriff to immediately stop incarcerating the illegal immigrants for their business lost sales. the workforce had also diminished.
    if mr. trump does not revise his comments, he may face a bigger danger than he expects, that would be the economic downfall and fiurious businessman. all this information i provided can be verified, if you are interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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