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  1. Charlie Sinclair
    Charlie Sinclair at |

    Without the impact that unions in Europe have, and with the greed pushed by advertising and degrading of the morality of the US, the incentive by unscrupulous business owners, like the Waltons you mention, to force workers into disgusting poverty would definitely become more common.
    Your biased reporting on this, with widely disproved assumptions regarding the true nature of minimum wage workers (it is not just kids and part timers), is disheartening to say the least. You suffer from an overly generous view of business practice. Try watching Wall St and The Wolf of as criticism, not an instruction manual. Please read more history regarding the poverty inherent in early industrialization.
    I like much of what you put out, but this foray along with your other Minimum Wage piece are blatant pro greed/pro business propaganda. Far beyond the simple amusement, I had come to expect.


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