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  1. Billy Joe Bob
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    To reduce the rape rate, decriminalize rape. This would make it much more straightforward to send rapists to prison, not for the rape, but for the unlawful restraint, kidnapping, violence, threats of violence, and disease transmission that often accompanies rape.
    Not every rape is accompanied by the above. Buy with a 5% or less conviction rate for rapes that are accomplished or accompanied by the above, and a slightly more than zero rate of conviction for rapes not accompanied by them, like raping drunk, drugged or just sleeping women, keeping “rape” from being mentioned would keep rape from stirring up the emotions of those in the criminal justice system.
    Why should anyone care about the specific reason from incarcerating a rapist being rape? Isn’t the same punishment for violence, with a far higher conviction rate, just as good?

    1. fester911
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      With all due respect…are you retarded???


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