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    According to Chris Rock, another lesson would be to stay away from streets named after you!

    1. Matt
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      You’re not that bright, aren’t you?

  2. Kim N Carswell
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    Great Top ten. A few mistakes though. Dr King did was not involved in the March 2, 1995 CLaudette Colvin investigation. E.D. Nixon was responsible for determining the viability of both Ms. Colvin and Mary Louis Scott,the second person to be removed from a segregated bus, cases. Nixon asked Dr. King to lead the boycott after Rosa Parks arrest and Joann Robinson suggested the 1 day boycott.

    Ghandi died in 1948 while Dr, King was still attending Crozer Theological Seminary.

    The mist accurate resource for Dr. Martin Luther King's facts are his 5 books, written after each movement and "Parting the Waters; America in the King Years 1954-1963" by Taylor Branch.

    Passing it on


    Kim N Carswell

    International Kingian Nonviolence Trainer

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  4. axel g
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    Thanks for an inspiring post!

  5. John McDonnell
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    I never knew that other leaders thought the March on Washington wouldn't be effective. That has to be the biggest miscalculation ever, because the photos and videos of King's speech at the Lincoln Memorial will live forever. His speech that day is still inspiring people almost 50 years later.

  6. Wes
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    I seen that Dr. MLK Jr. is listed as a preacher. Why not Baptist Minister? Why is his true political association not mentioned? If anyone else that has viewed this article and read these comments, use your own heart and mind. Stop being fooled.

    1. TopTenz Master
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      Personally, I don't see what difference that makes. But if you feel something is being hidden than I hope including your comment takes care of that.

      1. Anti Vigilante
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        At the moment Wes has no intention of expanding on his comment enlightening us as to how we are being fooled and according to what facts we shall find the truth. He could be talking about the tooth fairy for all we know because was too busy stroking his ego to tell us the details.

        Now he gives us the silent treatment. I hate that.

  7. Ronda
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    This is a great reminder of what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King stood for. Its nice to hear how we can embody this icon in our own lives.

  8. American Sign Language Course
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    Honestly Martin Luther King is not a hero of black but he is a hero of the whole nation. People who know him has learn a lot from him and i think the three things that we must learn from him are “Violence Isn’t The Answer, Love, in fact, IS the answer and Believe”. Because these three elements are now not visible in our society and due to that we are lacking far behind. So we all should look into it seriously. Thanks for this beautiful post and i hope we will learn some lesson from it.

  9. keratosis pilaris remedy
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    On the eighth annual nationally observed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, take a second to learn a little bit about the man and his mission, and the bits of wisdom you can take from a quick look at an amazing life.

  10. Michael Vander
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    What a great reminder about a man that stood for a change in this nation. In doing so he was able to change the world. The thing on this article that stood out the most for me was, You have to be ready to stand by your ideals. To just have a dream is not enough unless you are willing to stand up and share it. Thank you for posting this. I am inspired to stand in my truth.

  11. Lucky
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    I am not black I am white. I still feel through the “scandal” people try to put on this man, he is one of the greatest role models ever. He didn’t teach hate to make change. He just wanted equality. I love that if we all had more of this we would all be way better off.

  12. skeptic
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    Believe is an awful no.1, I mean i’m sure Hitler thought that getting rid of all the jews would make the world a better place, he ‘took the first step without seeing the whole staircase’ did he not?

    However if he had stopped, and used rational and logical thought processes he would have realised that being a jew doesn’t change anything.

    Try having rational thought as your no.1 and we might be getting somewhere.

    Faith is just an excuse to delude yourself. Nuff’ said.

  13. Tim Lattingly
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    Let’s see what we learn when the FBI tapes of him with white women are released. Some will think that he’s a monster and nothing that the hype is supposed to make you believe.

    And he stole his thesis from someone else.

    That is often left out of any discussion of the good “doctor.”

  14. Sophie
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    I love Dr. king


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