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  1. sambahat
    sambahat at |

    well that explains a lot

  2. Billy Bob
    Billy Bob at |

    I don’t subscribe to Icke’s ideas (although I’ve read a couple of his books), but you really do have to wonder why virtually every known civilization in history has had lizard-people in their myths and/or religions…

    1. Bosda, The Raccoon Philosopher
      Bosda, The Raccoon Philosopher at |

      No you don’t.

  3. Nichole Dere
    Nichole Dere at |

    @_jakobhudanish_ why jakob

  4. Jon Merlin
    Jon Merlin at |

    This “article” is kind of mocking everything about the subject. Billy Bob raises an interesting point. The thing about all this stuff is the futility of trying to do anything about it. Fairly clearly this is what’s going on in our world, although there isn’t any evidence of the reptilians. Humans may well need to be controlled by these means for some reason. People get pretty out of hand in a big hurry if left to themselves. No, what I mean is sure we do need controlling, but the mystery is to what end. Now the 4th dimensional garbage or is it factual, I don’t know. It is something that is postulated as the energy of so called negative emotions has certain frequencies which may somehow supply something these alleged 4th dimensional beings need. Perhaps like the Sun gives humans vitamin D, it may be just that simple. We may well have been created with a level of consciousness to allow for emotions, and for those emotions to be manipulated, such that we produce the milk of negative energy. It could all be exactly as is postulated. None of it threatens our way of life, in fact it almost guarantees it will continue.

  5. Steeve
    Steeve at |

    Since I was 3 yo, I made nightmares on and on ( until I got 11)….the same nightmare….I was walking inside a house, in the darkness, and suddenly, there was a light in the corner of the living room, and my mother was sitting on a chair and calling my name with a sweet voice, but her face was covered with her long dark hairs, and as I was getting closer to her, she revealed her true face. She had snake -like features, long claws,big fangs and a lot of snakes were crawling suddenly on the floor around me and her and she was always trying to kill me…Maybe a past life memory, who knows, but since Im 27….I see them everywhere and Im able to see all of their codes hidden in plain sight…

  6. Bode
    Bode at |

    I have green eyes, 131 IQ and love the cosmos, here’s the contradiction. If I’m a reptilian and don’t know about it, how do I fit in my bed at night…?

    1. Lynn Morin
      Lynn Morin at |

      My ex husband had O- blood, hazel eyes, a deviant mind, and zero empathy except for his own needs. He even used to tell me he had an extra rib. I made fun of it, but I’ve read that people with possible reptilian ancestry have an extra rib. He has a history of 100% British ancestry. He broke most contact with his family after meeting me. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with him anymore, but I do worry about our two kids. We have two boys together. Because he’s such a perverted pedophile ass hole, they refuse to have anything to do with him normally, but this son needs to do so for financial reasons. I don’t worry about his safety because my son is over six feet and buff, and my ex is only 5’7″ and a scrawny little weasel. My son is in his 30s now, and my ex is in his 50s. If ass hole is reptilian or any derivative, (which if this is a truly real phenomenon), and it does seem to be, I worry about their futures.

  7. Lorraine Wadsworth
    Lorraine Wadsworth at |

    I’ve also read that the beloved late Diana was prepared to expose our Royals as Lizards, but I keep implies Diana was on Lizard.
    Slightly confusing.
    I agree it is odd maybe that people worship or story tell about dragons etc but maybe because they are the oldest living creature on the planet.

  8. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    I have been exploring this topic, and the further I dive in, the more I believe this whole experience of “life” is one big episode of the Twilight Zone. I hope others will begin to wake up to what’s goin g on Inn the background.

    1. afafa
      afafa at |

      Theyre not reptilians they are genies.. evil spirits, and spirits of the dead who were bad people while they were alive.

      Once an evil mad dies he becomes a reptilian demon

      Read a book called Oahspe.. get the thick version on ebay

  9. Terry
    Terry at |

    Get a job. All of you.

    1. Justin Lee
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    2. woop woop
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      the greatest comment.

      1. woop woop
        woop woop at |

        Whalecum to reality 😀 all of you are crazy and experiencing delusions. the truth to the matter is we are all the same but some fags haven’t figured out how to control there instincts. i’m one the good reptilians in this sense. and i’m here to tell you that its all a load of bs. i was born into this reality of garbage and i drag myself out with help from “angels” which btw mofo are just other humans :”D they just actually have a damn brain un like most of you sheep’s reality is simple aces the problem figure out why it bugs you and what that causes you to act like and then look in the mirror and then look out the damn window and fix your pitiful self. be a lover not fighter. its just a dog. get it threw ur minds we are all humans.

  10. dont worry about it
    dont worry about it at |

    Everything ive ever known is a lie

  11. dont worry about it
    dont worry about it at |

    john cena

    1. The great one
      The great one at |

      The champ is here!

  12. sam
    sam at |

    reptile. satan.dragon. ear in heaven. cast down.war in heaven cast down. ..might mean their ship crushed landed they were stuck here and needed a race to mine for them so they could recreate their mother ship.and when they did they left but maybe left 1crew member in charge the draco illuminati Lord. they will return to claim what is Thiers including us..hey i dont know ..

  13. Ken wysocki
    Ken wysocki at |

    I am 110% hybrid made their form change in front of me “lower fourth ” have witness it speaking through frequencies from within me also as well then to take it over myself to boot it out and also when these things happened it turned out so many around actually was aware of this and found it to be in the metropolitan areas not much in the center of the u s

    1. TK
      TK at |

      Lay off the acid ken.


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