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  1. JPNYCE914
    JPNYCE914 at |

    This is a crap list. I am not like any of these at.

    1. Heather Matthews
      Heather Matthews at |

      perhaps you’re not a sociopath! 🙂

      1. iansgold
        iansgold at |

        No, they’re right. This article would be more accurately named The Top 10 Ways to Detect Psychopaths.

      2. Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong
        Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong at |

        If you are a qualified psychologist practising in todays health system. You should be under review, I’m not joking. This list is a disgusting indictment of how badly people are qualified to speak about mental disorders. You really should be ashamed of this list.

      3. Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong
        Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong at |

        After reading through once more, It only seems worse. That last sentence is absolutely disgusting. People with sociopathy are inherently bad people.

        You really should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    You do realize neurotypical means someone without ANY pronounced mental disorder, right? Not just sociopathy.

  3. survivor
    survivor at |

    I wish this article included discussion of alcoholism as a means of lubrication. I believe many alcoholics are actually sociopaths who use alcohol to “forget”.

  4. Ryan109b
    Ryan109b at |

    Holy Shit! I have like…..nearly every one of these…..?

  5. Dan W
    Dan W at |

    wow, everything on these screams Hillary Clinton!

  6. penguinApricot
    penguinApricot at |

    The Author, advises to ‘Seal yourself’ off from the Sociopath, essentially; ignore, reject the person . What a sociopathic thing to do..The author is female for sure.

  7. Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong
    Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong at |

    Not only is this list demonising those who live with sociopathy and ARENT murderers, but most (if not all) of the “celebrity” examples used are psychopaths. This list feels like the author has a vendetta against sociopaths, or at the very least feels like they have had a bad experience because of a suspected sociopath. This is a poisonous list and does ABSOLUTELY nothing to provide people with a well-rounded view of an already not very well understood (by the masses) condition. Seems the author just wants to bad-mouth and demonise people with this condition. It makes no mention of people who have this condition and are seeking help (it doesnt matter if it cant be cured, body dysmorphia has no accepted cure either, does that mean the person is to blame for it?!) besides the fact that some of these sentences in the list just seem like opinion dressed up as fact. It’s a disgusting way to paint a condition that some people struggle with through no fault of their own.

    Some of these points can also be ascribed to people with autism, further backing up my point that this list is doing nothing but harming attitudes of people with disorders or developmental conditions. I know the author will feel no remorse at the possible damage they are probably helping to accomplish, but I do hope they realise that what they have done is simply make this world a slightly worse place to live for some people. Well done, you are a valuable asset to society.

    Next up, a list on “10 ways to detect schizophrenics… for they are murderers in waiting.”

    Horrible hate-filled garbage.

  8. mark
    mark at |

    id say this list is really good considering ive interacted with a sociopath and now know that they cannot love at all.
    they can use things to love people with, but they cannot and will not make an emotional bond with anybody.
    most of these are correct according to my experience.

  9. IndyAndyJones
    IndyAndyJones at |

    None of these are was to detect anything. You’ve listed zero ways to detect sociopaths.


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