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  • meat

    chuck schuldiner

    • bassbait


      Chuck Schuldiner and Mikael Akerfeldt are the gods of music, regardless of genre.

      As for this list, Queen should have gotten second place, The Who deserves top, and Led Zeppelin's music should be burned. Not one song they wrote wasn't stolen from somebody else. For this reason, not one of their songs can POSSIBLY deserve a grammy, and so they don't deserve one either. It's like Metallica getting a grammy, it's just sick. Death and Opeth need Grammys.

  • Wally

    Really, what is wrong with the grammys? Buddy Holly, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Diana Ross..EVERYONE ON THE LIST SHOULD HAVE WON A GRAMMY!!!

    • TychoBrahe

      But it’s so much better that they didn’t, as it shows that the Grammy is just a joke. Seriously, who listens to an artist/band BECAUSE they won a Grammy? Oh, and The Who FTW. To anyone who disagrees with them, being on the list, go listen to ’em on Youtube. Entwhistle and Moon, especially, were masters of their instruments, and you’ll run into few drummers and bassists that don’t cite them as major inspirations.

    • Blogshag

      Well Diana Ross should be taken off the list now, cause she was awarded a Lifetime Grammy in Feb 2012, the best Grammy you can get.

  • Guitar teacher

    LOL who would mention Brittney along with Queen, Led Zeppelin, and the others on the list?!?

  • Jim

    Not a fan of Britney but to say that Toxic isn’t a good song and wasn’t worthy of Best Dance Recording that year is nuts. You can’t say you like or respect good music by completely dismissing that song.

    Really the reason why these artists listed don’t have any grammys have nothing to do with Britney, Christina or Beyonce, whatever. They have about 39390290 (okay I’m exaggerating a bit) more categories now that cover all kinds of genres of music which wasn’t true back in the day.

  • Derek

    lol at people who think Britney isn’t a legand. She has sold over 100 million records, has countless number 1 singles around the world, and one of the best entertainers of all time.

  • kim

    Grammy Awards Lose the? Remaining Credibility They Had

    With Beyonce winning more Grammys in 1 night than? any other female artist in history, the awards have finally lost whatever remaining credibility they had

    Consider the women who Beyonce has bested. They include: Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Sade, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, and Chaka Khan. Pity.

    PS: This is not entirely the fault of the Grammys. It is also a reflection of the absolutely bankrupt state of the contemporary pop/r&b music scene.

    Update: Apparently, in one night, Beyonce won the same amount of Grammys that Whitney Houston has won in her entire career, and she topped Mariah Carey’s five.

  • Yeah, let’s not overestimate the importance of a Grammy award. This list is proof of just how inconsequential it is.

  • Wally

    You can take The Doors off the list, because they just won a Grammy for Best long form music video!

  • Sean

    wat about 2pac

  • belle

    As a teenager, music is all anyone talks about. I have a great bf who has introduced me to most of the TRUE musicians like Buddy Holly. Although I cant bring myself to actually like the songs, I have MAD respect for them. They represent real talent and creativity. As for the whole Britney Spears thing, she sucks. And she knows it. Thats why she has to get so much media attention to bring herself to the limelight rather than just making a good song that does it for her. She mightve written some of her own songs, but I*ve never heard any of them and they arent as faous as the songs written for her. I just think shes fading fast and sex sells, so they make her look slutty to get sales. Really, what has Britney Spears ever done that was deep? What has she done to make a good impression on other girls? And can anyone say shes a good mother? I dont think so. I think shes a bit ridiculous.

  • Relaxation Beverage

    Queen, Diana Ross, and The Who are pretty surprising, because of their longevity and commercial success.

  • sillyperson

    I think it’s worth noting that while Bob marley never got a Grammy this is because there was no category. The fact of his death without one- not to mention the sheer number of people who were reggae fans because of him- helped create the category which his sons have won several times now. So before anyone wonders “why isn’t ____ on this list?” ask yourself if an entire category in the Grammys was created because of your favourite artist’s work.

  • YouRang?

    It’s funny. Just before I read this list I read one on modern musical plagiarists and I thought that if there’s ever a list of ALL-TIME greatest music stealers, Led Zep would probably take the No. 1 spot. Then, on this list, bassbait made my point for me. The only Grammy Zep should ever have gotten is one for popularizing the work of Willie Dixon and Robert Johnson.

  • Amy Hayes

    QUEEN and all of these artists deserve a lifetime Grammy or some new ones life innovative, legends etc..

    Queen wrote, composed, performed and co produced all of their songs! (all of them)

    They were innovative and each member was a college graduate!

    Furthermore they managed to produce music that was not vulgar and is timeless.

    Freddie Mercury is hands down the Best vocalist and overall musician/writer and showman of all time. Maybe not your favorite of this list but if you look at all of the facts it’s true.

    The most impressive thing about Queen is that the pressed on and like many of the above started so very young with no stage mother or production company to help them at all.

    These guys are all awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Ray Nash

    It really hurts to think QUEEN did not win a Grammy!!! Its very hard to understand the thinking of the people who voted at the time. Its a good thing that the people in charge of The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame did the right thing!!!! I have nothing more to say but,,you really missed out on giving a Grammy to a group that showed so much energy in there performence and made people love rock and roll. Ray

  • britney spears has won 1 graamy for best dance recording for toxic but grammy not just awarded pop songs they see more in meaningful musicsongs lyrics

  • aivaz

    I am one with the idea that Britney had a Grammy award is nonsense, she is just a mundane product made by capitalist music industry in which there’s not even a little bit of art. Even her dancing is beyond bullshit, she moves like 5 year-old girls. But.. Even though Christina sings pop as well, it doesnt mean her being worthless. Ok of course we do not even need to mention her vocal ability, but her songs have deep, meaningful lyrics, especially of her album Stripped, opposed to Britney singing and saying only “are you ready, are you ready aha” each 10 seconds. I think Christina Aguilera should not have been mentioned in the article as a way of denigrating, and I even think that she (Christina) is better than most of the artists mentioned here, who couldn’t have had any Grammy.

    • BlogZilla

      Britney is just T and A and the public buys that nonsense. They seem to care very little about musical talent these days, which is sad, because for me, it’s has ruined the art of pop music.

      Most of these singers in the industry today you wouldn’t even let have a chance at karaoke. They sound terrible live, but somehow they manage to make it.

  • BlogZilla

    Not trying to defend Britney, but on her first two albums, home girl could pack a punch with her voice. It wasn’t till later, that they started auto-tuning and manipulating her songs. I don’t know why they did that. It sounds dreadful. That has more to do with the control of her record company and what they want her to be. Kind of sad, but that’s the way the world is.

    Britney is more of a spectacular dancer and show woman than a singer, so is Madonna. Neither one of them sound especially great live and wouldn’t even make it past American Idol’s judges, but at least Madonna isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself., And Madonna only sounds terrible live , I think ,due in part to her constant and extreme movements on stage

    • Blogshag

      I noticed that about Britney too. Her voice sounded much better on her first two albums without all that Auto-Tune, which sounds all kinds of dreadful .AutoTune is what kids want.

  • BlogZilla

    People must understand that with the Grammy’s, it’s a committee of peers and industry insiders that vote on who gets to win, it’s a not a vote by fans, like Dick Clark’s American Music Awards.

    Yes, it’s very suprising that someone like Diana Ross has never won a Grammy, considering she was a trailblazer and outsold them all , until Madonna came along, and actually knew how to sing, and sounded much better live than on her records – they didn’t have auto-tune in her day.

    However someone else hit the nail on the head when it comes to Diana Ross. She was very spoiled, demanding, and difficult to work with, as well as being an impossible employer. Diana would fire someone or have them fired just because they looked at her, or she didn’t like their hair style. Ask anyone who’s worked with her. She’s reminded them of Cruella DeVille! Yes, she was an extremely vocally talented lady, but trust me, she will win no industry popularity contests- hence no Grammy. If it weren’t for Berry, she may not have been the legend she is today.

    All that being said, name me one singer or actress that has reached the heights Diana Ross has, that isn’t self centered, demanding ,etc. Self absorbed is was makes these people the kind of people you want to throw money at and gobble up at record stores and movie theatres.

    What does Diana care? She’s got tons of AMAs and other awards and she has a Kennedy Center Award-worth more than any Grammy or Academy Award will ever be worth.

    It’s a little known fact that Diana won the French equivalent of an Academy Awards or Lady Sings The Blues or Mahogany. I’m not sure which one. And she has French Grammy Awards. So Phooey on USA. We’re just stupid simpletons.

    • Your comment was ok until you attacked Diana Ross’ character. She was a trailblazer and very ambitious and new what she wanted. She was also a black woman in the sixties. I have heard many many stories of male rock musicians who were equally ambitious and were hard to get along with. I just saw a documentary last night on Simon and Garfunkel making their iconic album “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”. Paul Simon said that he always included an apology on his albums to people because he wasn’t always a nice guy. Others like Bob Dylan and Neil Young have the same reputation. Your comments seem biased to me. When women (in any field) are ambitious and hard to work with they are considered bitches. Men always get a pass. Ms Ross was different (not your typical soul singer). She was a trailblazer, one of the first cross over artists, and you really have no idea what she was up against. Berry Gordy was lucky to have her at Motown. Period. Stop spreading your gossip. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Stop spreading your gossip. Artist like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Paul Simon are described as “hard to work with” yet when women are (especially black women especially in the sixties) they are considered “witches.” Men always get a pass in any industry not just music. And for the record, as a trailblazer and one of the first cross over artists. The industry always tried to put her in a box and she was so much more than that. Berry Gordy was lucky to have Diana Ross at Motown. The Supremes were only second to the Beatles in sales and popularity in the sixties.

  • BlogZilla

    This list needs to be updated. Diana Ross received a Lifetime Achievement Grammy award in 2012. That award covers here entire career

    Why in the F do people think that a group like Lynyrd Skynyrd deserves a Grammy? Besides making noise and having nothing but a marginal musical sound, they were rude, low class and crude, always trashing hotel rooms and what not.

  • AMykel2013

    How is Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj and Rihanna not on this list?!?! Where are their Grammys ?!?!!
    Just kidding. I’m honestly just kidding. Lol don’t shoot

  • Umer Nadeem

    Where the hell is Kiss