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  • Arminovski

    Go back to school Kenneth… (and those that count best shooters only by the amount of shots…)
    Reggie Miller says that Drazen Petrovic is the best shooter that he had ever seen (and better than Ray Allen). If no.2 in the history says that, and no.1 on this list then it should not be taken lightly…

  • Arminovski

    btw you can see Reggie say it here:

    Fast forward to 5:45

  • Emiliano

    Dana Barros..

  • the kuuk 3

    reggie miller is still the best but ray ray might surpass him with the help of lbj of course just 2-3 straight seasons with the heat..yeah go miami!!!

  • Teshan

    How is it that Drazen Petrovic is not even on the list. Even Miller admitted he was the best shooter he ever saw. He used to score 40,50,60 points per game in Europe and averaged 21 points per game from 37 minutes on the floor in the NBA with an almost 45% 3 point and 52% average from the field in the 92 season (2nd in the league that year in both categories). This was only his second year of getting court time in the NBA. He is often remembered as the one who lead the way for the European players to get accepted and perhaps thats why he was given the HOF. But in reality very few people would deny he is the greatest European player that ever played.

  • anthony allen

    ray allen is the best 3pointer in basketball history okayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • liam

    where is kyle korver?

  • DahBooty

    where stephen curry at?

    • Shell Harris

      This is an old list. He would be here today, without a doubt.

      • Joe

        Old yes….curry top 10? Maybe Dell curry but not stephen. He still hasn’t proven his self to be top 10 all time 3 point shooter. Shot percentage doesn’t tell the whole story. Ray Allen is number 1 Reggie number 2. Allen won a ring off a clutch 3 pointer against SA. Reggie scored 8 points in 8 min…..not for a ring or the series. Kobe showed he can be a top 3 point shooter making 12 a game…..but he’s not a 3 point shooter so he scored 81 other ways. Stephen curry played 7 years and hasn’t made any clutch 3s to win anything except a regular season game, he made 8 in finals but against who? Ray allen made 8 too but only missed 3 too against the Lakers. If Allen shot as much he would not ever be compared to ray allen…numbers don’t prove Allen is the best. If you seen his games you would know. Ray Allen shined with the truth and KG in the game. Andre iguoadala shined and curry got credit.

  • Argentario

    Where mirza teletovic @? 162 3pts OFF THE BENCH this season and tonight he’s gonne break the record of 165 .. IMO by far the best 3pt shooter in the NBA, cuz this guy plays +-13min pg