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  • Mark

    Manchester United are out of the Champions league 🙂

  • Israel

    Manchester is not out of the champions league lmao

    • Israel

      I meant to say they are out lol

  • Amrendra

    Unique lists like this one are the reasons Toptenz is one of my favorite websites. For the London Olympics I feel sad that DOW Chemicals is the sponsor. They are the reason that so many people died in Bhopal (I live in the same state as Bhopal) due to Union Carbide industrial disaster. And over that DOW chemicals has not helped the people they way it should have helped. UTTER SHAME ON LONDON OLYMPICS for getting support from mass murderers. I hope the Indian Government boycotts the London Olympics.

  • 5minutes

    And here’s why the writer is wrong on #1:

    While the GOP race has come down to Mitt Romney vs. Anybody But Mitt Romney, the ABMR crowd has been utterly incapable of solidifying on a single candidate. Every time a candidate rises, they go down in flames (usually because they fail the litmus test on one or two minor points). This lack of cohesion behind a candidate combined with the continuing irritation of Ron Paul (anyone who seriously thinks he has a chance is delusional) combined with a growing conservative acceptance of Romney as the candidate (such as with his win at CPAC last week) means that Mitt is gaining the support he needs to march to the nomination. The last great hope of the ABMR crowd (Santorum) will run out of cash before he can solidify his victory.

    As for the General Election, it’s a bit more up in the air. It will be difficult to defeat Obama, especially if Romney can’t get out the conservative vote, meaning it will be critical for him to nominate a conservative, well-spoken VP – I’d guess Marco Rubio or Chris Christie at this point). Obama, on the other hand, will have to come to terms with his own policy decisions. Normally, defeating an incumbent President is difficult because, all things being equal, things go along pretty well in America. But they haven’t gone along well for Barry. He’s got high unemployment (that only went down last month because of retirees), a stagnant economy, and an uninspired middle.

    At this point, if I were to call the election, I would call it for Obama with under 300 electoral votes. However, this is all based on the tightrope he’ll walk in a few critical states. If those states flip to Romney, we could come out with a much, much closer election – and a Romney win.

  • rajimus123

    great list, love these type of lists that can spark random discussion. with regards to the natural disasters, i guess there is a pretty big following for the idea that there is going to be a massive quake off the coast of africa south east of hte horn, that would send a tsunami into the eastern seaboard all the way up to new york. whether it will be in 2012 or 2112 begs to be seen.

  • BryanJ

    Great list. I’m strongly pushing for numbers 3 and 4. As for the picture of Tiger, I love the guy, but I’m not sure he will ever win another major.

  • Neil

    “Usually, the host country does better than normal, so expect the English to fair very well in these games”

    Interesting that you refer to the host country as ‘English’, when it’s actually Great Britain/United Kingdom & Northern Ireland that are hosting the Games. Yes they’re being held in London, the capital city of England, but Great Britain actually consists of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland! 🙂

    • brian

      what about Ireland?

      • Presidentman44

        Umm…Ireland’s its own country.

  • AnonymousLOBO

    Have to disagree on #7 Occupy and Anonymous are just getting warmed up

    • ed

      Errrrrr… sorry but no. And if it doesn’t stop, it’s because lazy hipsters decide that rather than striving at being the %1 by getting a job, they’d prefer to complain.

      • AnonymousLOBO

        That’s assuming your buying into what the Corporate Media says what we are about. But they’re wrong, many of us have jobs, have houses, Have lives. What we are tired of is a Corrupt Government dictating how we live our lives While at the same time spouting the lie that this is a free country.Every other Occupied group around the world is doing it for similar reasons. We are world wide.

  • Old fart

    How the hell can the presidential elections in the USA be more important than the European recovery from the economic crisis?
    I mean, sure it’s the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world but the economy of the Eurozone has a much bigger impact on the rest of the world than whoever is going to sit his ass down in the White House. In fact there are really only two predictable possibilities.
    But the list is good enough…

  • Seraffo

    Tough luck with the Arab Spring and Al Qaida in Libya and Syria.Remember the revolutions of 1848 and 1849?It looked like it would spark again in 1849 with the Roman Republic but ultimately failed miserably.The Arab Spring will be remembered as the biggest fraud in recent history.

  • peter8172

    No.8 : Why in God’s name did you have to use a picture of Tiger Woods. He’s been on a downward spiral since his numerous affairs with women and hasn’t even come close to winning a major title in over two years. Maybe a picture of the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl or some other victorious moment from a team or individual who has been successful these last couple of months.

    • brian

      Don’t you watch the news? even when Tiger loses they still only talk about him. He is still by far the most famous player

      • @ Brian. That’s a very compelling point that you have made and I 100% totally agree with you. Now that I think of it, The Indianapolis Colts landed in the cellar this past season and all the talk was regarding Peyton Manning who didn’t even play in a down all season. Yet he got all of the attention. Thanks for correcting me.

  • lawn

    *Jack Nicklaus

    Won’t happen, Tiger is yesterday’s news.

  • Gayboy

    What about the alien landings, you forgot to mention them? Or the shift into the 5th dimension? December 21st 2012 11:11 AM. That’s the big one.

  • David @ Buy Books

    What about the end of the world as per the Mayan date on December 21, 2012?

  • Hugo

    Europe will not screw up US recovery??? The US sub-prime mortgage market was one of the major causes of the economic crisis… should read the US will not screw up the European recovery!

  • Ramon Alcaraz

    People, the Geocentric principle saying America is the center of the universe has long been debunked! Jeez! Asian Military Standoffs should be number 1! The East and South China seas are spelling trouble, and are bigger events than some puny presidential elections!

  • Mitchell Taylor

    Im sorry but the occupy movement will not jus fade into obscurity. You have to be a very ignorant person to marginalize the outcome of an entire movement when it is not even over. And no there aren’t just a bunch of kids without jobs. I know an occupy protester how is an auditer for for Meryll Lynch. I have protested for it and i work sixty hoours a week. AS WE HAVE SAID THEMSELVES WE ARE THE 99% do the math

    • Mitchell Taylor

      I dont wont any replies on my grammar im well aware

  • The Higgs Particle experiments and revelations continue to be extremely interesting.

  • tom

    as for #6.. photons do not have mass

  • James

    Number 3 really pissed me off! What most people don’t realise as they’re too stupid is that one of the major problems with the global economy was the collapse of AIG…an AMERICAN company (it in fact stands for American Internation Group – so the clues in the title) that issued the largest amount of CDS contracts which was one of the driving factors behind the credit crunch as AIG’s failure to pay out on these contracts caused the american Ferderal Reserve Bank to step in and issue a $85bn bail out! I assume the person who wrote this is an American?