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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    I love the site’s new look!
    Good job guys.
    Seriously scary list…

    1. Shell Harris
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      Thank you, Mike.

  2. James Denby
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    “Over the past several years, law enforcement and the FBI have received information about young, college-aged men who were found deceased in rivers in the Midwest. The FBI has reviewed the information about the victims provided by two retired police detectives, who have dubbed these incidents the “Smiley Face Murders,” and interviewed an individual who provided information to the detectives. To date, we have not developed any evidence to support links between these tragic deaths or any evidence substantiating the theory that these deaths are the work of a serial killer or killers. The vast majority of these instances appear to be alcohol-related drownings. The FBI will continue to work with the local police in the affected areas to provide support as requested,” said Supervisory Special Agent Richard J. Kolko, Washington, D.C.

    1. anonomyssy
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      I know one of the dead boys from La Crosse WI, he wasn’t drinking when his friends left him…nor was he a drinker. I have another acquaintance whose son was drugged and murdered at a Frat house, colleges are notorious for covering up crimes or explaining them away…it’s probably worse than we think.

  3. anonomyssy
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    Glad you included the smiley faced killer…those deaths are not easily explained as mere drowning…and the Juarez murders…why have these things gone on so long…often it seems serial murders get caught by accident rather than sleuth work.

  4. dreadful
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    how the hell can you tell in mexico, i dont even think its a crime to commit murder there!

  5. Survivor1986
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    Good list, thanks. It’s not right to push guilt on the FBI’s BAU group. Due to lack of govt. funding, there is only 1 BAU group to handle the entire country. Every person needs to be more alert and outspoken when they see behavior that most of us know are the classic childhood traumas that most of the caught serial killers seem to share. In addition, as adults, they are typically solitary or have autonomous jobs, (they work alone) and they cannot stay in a long term relationship. There are always exception…..
    I speak as a survivor of a brutal rape and torture in 1986. Some time later, I married, what I thought was a very kind, compassionate, charming prince. Instead, he turned into a very physically sadistic mysoginist. The more cruel and painful, the more intense his pleasure became. This went on for 12 years until the authorities finally intervened.
    I am by no means a martyr; surviving isn’t always easy and even after years of therapy, some wounds will never completely heal. Only good thing that came out of those things is the ability to read someone very quickly.
    With all that being said, the BAU can lock onto predators quickly; it’s usually all the “red tape” that holds up an investigation. Criminal suspects have more rights than their victims, living or dead.
    It’s all our responsibility to keep each other safe, keep your eyes open and work with the authorities when you suspect foul play.

    How many women did Dennis Rader terrorize and it went unreported and/or ignored?
    How many times and years did the FBI know that Gary Rideway was The Green River Killer but HAD TO WAIT for him to screw up royally before they could get the appropriate warrant.
    The authorities knew Gacy was their man but had to wait forever for the appropriate warrant….. To much red tape….
    This one is really pathetic…. Dahmer building stunk so horribly of decomposing flesh but no one in the building called the health or police department……
    When your at a truck stop, gas station, park, mall or strip mall pay attention to what is happening around you. Get a bad feeling, get help or offer help.
    You never know whose life you might save!

    1. Woodthrush1289
      Woodthrush1289 at |

      I’m sorry you went through such horrors, but please do not stereotype introverts who are self-employed and single as serial killers!

      None of the killers you mentioned were self-employed or working from home. Gacy worked in a restaurant. Ridgway and Dahmer worked in factories. Rader probably did work alone much of the time installing security systems and later catching dogs, but he’s the only one of those you mentioned who did. If you want to make an occupational generalization, you might say these guys all worked unskilled or trade jobs, but that’s the most they had in common in that department, and you certainly can’t cast all people in blue-collar jobs as serial killers.

      As for long-term relationships, three of the four killers you referenced were married. Two of them even had kids! So you really can’t use marital status to generalize, either.

      What strikes me about your comment is that the very guy who abused you came off as a “kind, compassionate prince charming” when you met him. So you should know from experience that sickos can easily masquerade as normal, even upstanding people.

      Here are the real factors that are associated with psychopathy:

      1. History of childhood abuse.
      2. History of violence toward animals, children, and/or women (basically anyone weaker than they are).
      3. Lack of empathy.
      4. Lack of moral compass (pathological lying, manipulation, repeated sexual infidelity, criminal activity).

      And that’s pretty much it. Serial killers are as likely to be charming and gregarious as they are to be loners. They are as likely to work with other people as they are to work alone. They are as likely to be married as not. You can’t infer anything about a person just because they’re quiet and reserved, work alone, or haven’t married. In fact, it’s quite discriminatory and dangerous to go around saying that you can. Introverts and singles already face a lot of prejudice just for deviating from cultural norms, and it’s both unfair and inaccurate to compound it by lumping them in with murderers!

      1. jessej
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        The homicidal triad is as follows. Cruelty to animals, Fire starting, and wetting the bed until late, even adolescence. the cruelty to animals and firestarting can start in early childhood.

        1. Jerry
          Jerry at |

          Further studies have suggested that these behaviors are actually more linked to childhood experience of parental neglect, brutality or abuse. Some argue this in turn results in “homicidal proneness”.[6] The “triad” concept as a particular combination of behaviors linked to violence may not have any particular validity – it has been called an urban legend. – Wikipedia

          Jesse J get some facts before spewing crap.

    2. Me
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      So we should go around our lives being on the alert to spot serial killer victims, or their remains ? Are you insane ?

    3. alwaysavictim111
      alwaysavictim111 at |

      This woman is insane. She sounds like wife which will soon be my ex wife. She claimed I tried to kill her with a knife. She claimed her ex husband tried to also kill her and was abusive. Now shes on welfare. Exactly what she wanted. Always a victim. I guess i should have bought her two carat earrings instead of one.


    I believe that more funding should be provided for the Law enforcement Units that investigate these serial killings. The FBI has very highly intelligent investigators, profilers, psychiatrists and the best Crime Labs as well as Forensic Teams. These cowards who are murdering to get some kind of gratification , have to be stopped. I personally know,someone who was murdered viciously, they stabbed her over 80 times as well raped and tortured, it is still unsolved since November of 1991 in Miami Lakes ,Florida her name was Lina Fernandez. Anyone with information please contact Miami Dade Police Dept.

  7. Stephen
    Stephen at |

    It’s truly scary thinking about how many serial killers we’ve come in contact with & just never knew that we did..Folks goes missing everyday & they are someplace on the planet dead or alive..There’s no telling where they are or where they’re buried at, they may be buried off the side of a road you drive down everyday & we have no idea they are..Just too many missing folks for there not too be multiple serial killers in the neighborhoods we live in..

  8. susank.stage
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    I was physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally abused by my father and sexually abused by a great uncle. I am not an abuser, nor would I maim or mutilate anyone. I don’t deny haveing trust issues. I can spot an abuse victim because I have been there. I was married twice and also divorced twice, apparently I was too trusting! I have seen many things in my life. I believe the smiley faced killer to be a white male, skinny, brown hair, kind of reminded me of a young kris kristoferson, the way his hair, mustache and beard, almost six foot or above, he wears a camoflage military coat, not digital. I saw him deposit a type of black suitcase in the ditch and a smiley face drawn with a stick in the dirt. Saw it between wakeing and sleeping. I am not a physic. I just sometimes see things past, present and future things.If this helps great. By the way I do not like anyone denigerating anyone else. That woman was plainly saying she did not recognize an abuser because she was conditioned to it, and that people shouldn’t ignore these things, say something! God gave you a voice use it!

    1. ronny
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      get over it.


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