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  1. sai ram
    sai ram at |

    Where the hell is jim carrey!!in the list…he is as best as above ones!!infact even more far from them!!!

  2. max
    max at |

    peter o toole gave the best performance ever in Lawrence of Arabia. period.

  3. LoLo
    LoLo at |

    Leo deserves it. Al Pacino to me is VERY overrated. He does the same character & tone in every moving. Zero stretch “whooo ha”

  4. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    Spencer Tracy, James Garner, Cary Grant….all winners in my book.

  5. Constance
    Constance at |

    Underrated : Tom Cruise – Johnny Depp – Samuel L. Jackson – Gary Oldman – Kevin Bacon.

    Overrated: Leonardo DiCaprio – Brad Pitt – Robert Downey Jr. – Mark Wahlberg.

  6. zsuzsanna
    zsuzsanna at |

    And Ralph Fiennes?
    IMHO he is one of the greatest, his transformability is unique (and what a stage actor!) he is unrecognizable in his different roles. Pure analysis and wonderful performances with restrained tooles.
    He’s not late yet, but it is just in time to get it. .

  7. ozan
    ozan at |

    every time I see a list like this, I always think of john cazale

  8. xristina
    xristina at |

    It’s so unfair Johnny Depp has not an oscar!!!Come on guys!!He is the king of cinema!!!!

  9. Asashii Fustazi
    Asashii Fustazi at |

    Sam Rockwell and Ed Norton i can see they make Leo’s performances look like he belong on a tv show like growing Pains, oh yeah he was on growing pains, this boys life is his best peformance to date only because Deniro was there to help him shine!

  10. Asashii Fustazi
    Asashii Fustazi at |

    Sorry Jim, James Dean revolutionized a method of raw and unscripted acting never really seen in movies until he did it, he played real characters not some leave it to beaver stiff cardboard BS, even out shine rock Hudson on Giant and thenyou realized just how artificial Hollywood was until he came along!!!

  11. Vincent
    Vincent at |

    Liam Neeson[Schindlers List 🙁 ], Alan Rickman, Kevin Bacon, Ralph Fiennes, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Ed Harris, Bill Murray, John Cusack, Gary Sinise……


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