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  • Starks100000

    Brad Pitt not on the list or in the honorable mentions. Wow.

    Johnny Depp is a one-trick pony only good at zany roles? Ever seen Donnie Brasco?

    Ed Norton is probably too high on the list, but still one of my favorite actors.

    • Asashii Fustazi

      yeah name just 1 brad pitt performance that was oscar worthy, just 1

      • Shlobadoch

        Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds, Se7en… any film he’s been in.

    • refriegn

      Johnny Depp plays different roles. His performance in Blow was oscar-worthy. For someone to take control of every movie they are in like Depp does, he is worthy. However, Number 1 should be Leo, he has the most widely ranged resume as anyone on the list. Inception, Blood Diamond, Titanic, Shutter Island, Departed, etc. He makes every single movie he is in a success because he successfully forms to the role he is given. Haters will hate, but these two and Brad Pitt deserve an Oscar sooner or later. And I think the first two will get one for sure.

  • Starks100000

    Also, no Gary Oldman. Incredible.

  • Helen

    Leo Dicaprio was robbed for “Gilbert Grape” losing to Tommy Lee Jones for playing….Tommy Lee Jones!

    • Asashii Fustazi

      half way playing a mental handicapped person or a slow person doesnt mean it was oscar worthy. Leo isnt as talented as Tommy Jones pinky finger!

  • Daniel

    Umm. About your honorable mention Matt damon has a Oscar him and Ben afleck won for best screenplay with goodwill hunting its what launch his career

  • kopal

    how can one forget liam neeson????such a gifted actor..few cud hv played schindler as he did..

  • TC

    Tom Cruise is the best actor ever and he deserved an Oscar a long time ago. His acting skills are amazing and is one of the few actors to achieve success before the age of 30.

    Thank goodness Brad Pitt and Robert Downey are not in that list, both are overrated and can’t act.

  • TC

    Johnny Depp is not Oscar worthy, he’s been playing these annyoing Tim Burton gothic trash for over a decade.

  • Cheeseball

    hey, what about John Lithgow?

  • Anna

    Leo Dicaprio should have really gotten that Oscar for playing Jack in Titanic, his performance was so good. No one can play Jack like he does. He’s so natural, even in his other movies. Maybe they shun him because they think he looks too commercial, but they shouldn’t, it should be all based on acting, not on how oscar-like the actor’s vibe would be.

    Plus also Brad Pitt should be in the list, I know people think he is overrated, but really he can act, at least when I watched the mexican(not oscar movie i know), but then in my opinion he isn’t as good as Dicaprio. And lastly, Johnny Depp, he is one of my favorite actors, but really, I do not think he’s been robbed of an oscar, because his roles are generally quirky and funny and unconventional, but he seems to act the same thing all over again in different movies, but he’s funny and I like him.

    Now if Leo reaches the end of his career, still not winning, that is just injustice, he should have one a long time ago in the first place.

    • John

      All the way down these comments, every actor in creation mentioned & nobody but nobody gives a shout to Richard Gere?! An icon if ever there was one…at least a nomination? And what about a bigger one…Costner? Granted he has a non-actor Oscar, but like Gere & Harrison ford we are talking about icons like Cary grant of their era, they all are Oscar worthy

    • Kimmi

      Leo will win as an old man, like Martin Scorsese.

  • Rob

    How could you not include Richard Burton? He was nominated 7 times and never won. He is one of the greatest actors of all time. To include modern Actors like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, and Leondardo Dicaprio is absolutely insane. These actors still have long careers ahead of them, how you could include them and not Burton is obscene!

  • Vincent

    Liam Neeson[Schindlers List 🙁 ], Alan Rickman, Kevin Bacon, Ralph Fiennes, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Ed Harris, Bill Murray, John Cusack, Gary Sinise……

  • Asashii Fustazi

    Sorry Jim, James Dean revolutionized a method of raw and unscripted acting never really seen in movies until he did it, he played real characters not some leave it to beaver stiff cardboard BS, even out shine rock Hudson on Giant and thenyou realized just how artificial Hollywood was until he came along!!!

  • Asashii Fustazi

    Sam Rockwell and Ed Norton i can see they make Leo’s performances look like he belong on a tv show like growing Pains, oh yeah he was on growing pains, this boys life is his best peformance to date only because Deniro was there to help him shine!

  • xristina

    It’s so unfair Johnny Depp has not an oscar!!!Come on guys!!He is the king of cinema!!!!

  • ozan

    every time I see a list like this, I always think of john cazale

  • zsuzsanna

    And Ralph Fiennes?
    IMHO he is one of the greatest, his transformability is unique (and what a stage actor!) he is unrecognizable in his different roles. Pure analysis and wonderful performances with restrained tooles.
    He’s not late yet, but it is just in time to get it. .

  • Constance

    Underrated : Tom Cruise – Johnny Depp – Samuel L. Jackson – Gary Oldman – Kevin Bacon.

    Overrated: Leonardo DiCaprio – Brad Pitt – Robert Downey Jr. – Mark Wahlberg.

  • Jackie

    Spencer Tracy, James Garner, Cary Grant….all winners in my book.

  • LoLo

    Leo deserves it. Al Pacino to me is VERY overrated. He does the same character & tone in every moving. Zero stretch “whooo ha”

  • max

    peter o toole gave the best performance ever in Lawrence of Arabia. period.

  • sai ram

    Where the hell is jim carrey!!in the list…he is as best as above ones!!infact even more far from them!!!