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  • Bryan

    You should have put atleast one female on the list. I know that Sam Rockwell is a good actor, but #4 is a lot of praise for an actor who has not even been nominated. Johnny Depp is due for an Oscar.

    • I agree. Seems I could rename this list to the top 10 male actors who haven't won an Oscar.

      • Jerm

        Wait, the title is Top Ten ACTORS, not actresses, right? So I think you're okay. Am I the only one who caught this? Sarcasm? Who knows.

        • Jerm

          Btw, I am about to queue up a lot of the movies listed here on Netflix. Thank you.

      • david

        No need to rename it.

        The top ten actors (as you have listed here) are superior to any female actresses that haven’t won an oscar.

        My guess is that men are simply better at acting.

    • Toadbelly

      The name that springs to mind for me, and should certainly make any Top 10 list is Joaquin Phoenix. He should have won Best Supporting Actor for the role of Commodus in Gladiator and Best Actor for his amazinf portrayal of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. Both of these were brilliant performances. I still believe he only missed out for Walk the Line because Ray did so well the previous year.

  • You should do a companion list of female actors who haven't won. Cary Grant and Peter O'Toole are two of the greatest actors of all time, and it's shocking that they have never won an Oscar. I don't know who Sam Rockwell is, but I wouldn't think he'd belong on a list with Grant and O'Toole on it. Jeff Bridges is deserving, and he'll probably win this year. Johnny Depp is a fine actor, but not for the kooky roles he's been doing lately. He was fabulous in some of his earlier movies, like Donnie Brasco.

  • Gary Oldman anyone?

    • Laura

      That’s what I’m saying! Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp, and Edward Norton would be my top 3 picks.

      • Coleman

        This is so messed up 1. Arnold Schwarzenneger had the highest grossing income for his movies and he never got an award and his movies to this day are being bought and on T.V im very shocked arnold didnt make the list. 2. Johny, come on its not even a question that man is an actor, why he hasnt gotten one is because the critics dont have time to nominate him because they are to busy watching his movies, everyone one of johnys movies are a hit, Funny and mysterious.

    • Maia

      The fact that Gary Oldman hasn’t even been nominated is a crime!

    • me

      Gary Oldman should have won a long time ago now he’s talented so how can they by pass him like that?.

  • Rebecca

    I am really glad that Sam Rockwell was included on this list. He is one of the most under appreciated actors of the times right now and Moon seriously needed a nomination this year.

  • mike c.

    Yes to all except Tom Cruise. The guy plays one part, sometimes it works (Born on the 4th) and sometimes it doesn't (War of the Worlds). Except for Born on the Fourth of July, he's only shined when teamed with a quality actor (Color of Money, Rain Man) and it's likely the talent "carried" him.

    • punch drunk fool

      I think if you watch Magnolia you might change your mind. Tom Cruise’s performance in that was good and he deserved the Oscar for that one.

      • I have to agree about his performance in Magnolia, it was excellent. Other than that, I’m not a fan and generally avoid movies he’s in because his presence annoys me. I’d have include Gary Oldman on this list instead.

        • Constance

          Tanya, avoiding his movies is dumb because he never delivered a bad performance.

  • Leon

    Will Smith, 2002 nomination for lead actor for his performance in the movie, Ali.

    And in 2007 Smith received another lead actor nomination for his performance in the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness.

  • _mbroday

    Bill Murray should have won for his role in Lost in Translation. He played it beautifully.

  • Joshua

    *Matt Damon has an Oscar (Good Will Hunting, Screenplay)

    I disagree with the Johnny Depp ranking. While he is a good actor, he is also kind of a one-trick pony. He's a great emulator and has an exuberant personality; I think he's only good at that. I'd like to see him play someone that isn't uber-weird, someone who is more "normal". Like as just an alcoholic father or a plain teacher, or a salesman. He's great at quirky and odd, amazing- but it's too much of the same for me. "Sweeny Todd" was a huge miss on both Tim Burton and Johnny Depps' parts. Johnny Depp is consistently lacking real-depth in his characters.

    I do agree that Sam Rockwell does need to be at least nominated, with Moon especially, I think he's a little high in the list. Moon will surely be a career boost for him, even without an Oscar nomination.

    Paul Giamatti should definitely been on this list, most notably for Cold Souls (Which was a fantastic film).

    I just wanted to put in my input, great list though.

    • justme

      Johnny Depp CAN do more than the quirky roles, and he proved that in Finding Neverland and What's Eating Gilbert Grape, but I agree that it's a shame that he is recognized for his flamboyant roles more than anything else.

      YES to Gary Oldman and Will Smith!

      This article is now obsolete: YAY JEFF BRIDGES!

  • lb

    Brad Pitt

  • james

    guess u gotta change the list now lol

    • justme

      thumbs up to that

  • John Book

    Harrison Ford?

  • gmax

    Looks like you'll have to find a replacement entry for Jeff Bridges.

  • ELBSeattle

    I agree with some of these: Sam Rockwell, Albert Finney, Peter O’Toole.

    But Johnny Depp? Tom Cruise? Johnny Depp does one thing: mug the audience. And that’s it. Tom Cruise does one thing: tries very, very hard to act. And fails. Every time.

    • Me

      Well if u think that Johnny Depp CAN’T act, then why don’t u try it, let me see u win an oscar….

    • meee

      I agree with Me. not with ELBSeattle.
      it’s so true, the one who fails whit this comment is you !!!

  • Yep, I predicted Jeff Bridges would win!

  • REL

    Sam Rockwell is merely ok. Not Oscar worthy. So far… And Tom Cruise?!?!?!? Are you kidding?!?!?

    His best work by far was in Tropic Thunder. What does that tell you?

    Paul Giamatti, Gary Oldman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Johnny Depp, now THEY can act!

    • Laura

      I'm not a big fan of Tom Cruise, either. What about his performance in The Last Samurai, though?

      • meee

        tom cruise is a good actor. I do not agree with Laura an REL!!!
        First of all is Tom Cruise one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. His acting skills are amazing and he is one of the few actors to achieve success before the age of 30.
        Secondly, the list of Tom Cruise’s quality movies are endless. The Color of Money, Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July, …
        In that last one, he was outstanding!
        He also played in Tropic Thunder: A classic cameo role that will not soon be forgotten, Cruise flexes his comedy skills as never before.
        He’ s also a Director’s favorite and one of the top grossing actors of all time.
        Thereafter, Tom Cruise is a really good actor because he was nominated for a lot of awards and he won some awards for Best Actor.

  • momom

    This is outdated Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for best actor.

    • Yes, we know. The list clearly states at the top in bold letters that this does not include 2010.

      • nate

        Matt damon has won. screenplay for good will hunting.

        thanks for coming out

  • Keith Watabayashi

    Yeah this article is all wrong. First of all there are no women on it, second of all Peter O Toole and Jeff Bridges have won Oscars, and third of all this list did like no research, focusing on younger American actors more than other group/nationality of actors. I can think of, oh, I dunno…about 100 actors from India, Japan, China, Africa, Russia, really anywhere, that the Academy hasn't gotten around to yet. But while we are looking at anglo male actors only, where the hell is Richard Burton? Orson Welles as an "honorable mention"? You seriously suggesting James Dean was more deserving than Orson Welles? Come on man.

  • Adam

    I nodded agreement until I noticed Marilyn Monroe as a honorable mention. I've never encountered anyone who thinks she was a good actress and I always thought she was a mediocre one.

  • I didn't notice Marilyn Monroe was an honorable mention. While I think she was a timeless cultural icon and incredibly beautiful, I agree with the above poster that she was not a good actress at all. I've never read or heard anyone say she was a good actress, only that she developed a flair for the light comedy roles she was in. Watching her onscreen makes me cringe, she's such a clumsy actress. If they gave her an Oscar, it would have to be for all the money she's made for Hollywood from the way they market her image.

  • Anonymous

    I like how you forgot maryl streep.

    • Streep has received 16 Academy Award nominations, winning twice. She cannot be on this list.

    • Maryl Streep is an actress not a ACTOR.

  • TL14532

    I thought Paul Giamatti won for Cinderella Man, the year after he was snubbed for Sideways.

  • Karhopper85

    Kevin Bacon come on

  • Thomas

    Bill Murray should have won for Lost in Translation.

    Edward Norton should have won for American History X.

    Sam Rockwell should have been nominated for Moon.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon should have been nominated for The Departed. (And Mark Wahlberg.)

    • Hisham

      I agree with your comments regarding Ed Norton and Sam Rockwell. But to say Bill Murray deserved to win that year ahead of Sean Penn for Mystic River is absurd my friend, absurd!

  • Emma

    I still can't get that Johnny Depp haven't won an Oscar. I'm not a big fan of Tom Cruise though. But they are really good actors all of them! Sometimes I think they choose the wrong winners…

  • me

    since when did cruise deserve an oscar?

    • meee

      he always did, he’s the best actor of his generation

  • B

    Three words– Robert. Downey. Jr.

    • katcuilla


    • Constance

      He’s overrate

  • Dufus Magee

    No Gary Oldman? Oldman should have won for the Contender, but for some reason Bridges and Allen got the nominations.

    Tom Cruise is the biggest over actor in Hollywood. The only time he shows any real chops are when the roles are taylored for his limited talents, like 4th of July and Rain Man.

    Leo is overrated. He brought down Gangs of New York and Daniel Day Lewis showed the difference between good acting and great acting.

    No women on the list?

    I like Depp, but he needs to ween himself from Burton and stop wearing wigs and making funny faces in his roles before he deserves an Oscar.

    • Siki

      You mean to say that performing as Ron Kovic in Born On The Fourth Of July shows his limited talent? That movie’s 2 and a half hours long and in every scene Cruise is as believable as you can get. Go watch the movie again. It’s one of the greatest performances of all time.

  • aj

    Leonardo Dicaprio is totally wooden, rest of the list is fine.

  • Melissa

    Gary Oldman completely deserves to win! I've spent the past few weeks really watching his films and his work is OUTSTANDING 🙂

  • Jimmy Johnson

    Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar because the roles he plays are written to fit him. The sign of a great actor is to extend his/her reach to fit the character not visa versa.

    • katcuilla

      Agreed, excepting Magnolia.

      • Marcelo

        I like A Few Good Men, his acting is really good in that one,

  • lena

    I agree with this list.

  • melanie


    • gabs


      • T

        Alan Rickman without a doubt!!

  • Mary

    Tom Cruise deserved an Oscar for his role in BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY, he was outstanding! Leo also should have won for WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE. Leo is NOT overated as many like to bash him for God forbid his role in the very succesful film called TITANIC. So many directors want to work with Leo, so how can be he overated? If anything he is more underated! Leo has proven over and over again, he can take up to the challenge in doing difficult roles. THE AVIATOR was a perfect example of that, he was phenominal in it. He has 2 great roles in 2010, INCEPTION and SHUTTER ISLAND.
    Another great actor who never won an Oscar is Tim Roth, he was so deserving for his role in ROB ROY, also overlooked.

    • Whoop

      I totally agree that leo is underated i mean have you seen him in Romeo + Juliet and revolutionary road? Is there a role he can’t do well? I mean come on oscar time!

  • gabs

    You forgot Alan Rickman. Everyone always does. 🙁 (he plays Severus Snape from Harry Potter, judge Turpin from Sweeney Todd, Colonel Brandon from Sense & Sensibility, Sherriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood, Rasputin etc.)

    • katcuilla

      Alan Rickman is awesome. He deserves some recognition.

  • jilly cooper

    So happy to see Edward Norton on this, he’s great. And Johnny Depp is not just a pretty face

  • Will Smith. And has Christian Bale ever won an oscar?

  • Rose

    Leonardo DiCaprio all the way! Another actor who is also overlooked is Gary Oldman both are great actors!

  • Neil

    Kirk Douglas anyone? Nominated 3 times for Best Actor for Champion, The Bad and the Beautiful and for Lust for Life.

  • William Hardman

    Michael caine

    • katcuilla

      Michael Caine won an Oscar for Cider House Rules.

  • Johnny Ringo

    How can Richard Burton not be on this list? Burton not winning for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf was arguably the single greatest injustice in Oscar history. And Depp, DeCaprio and Cuise are incompetent novices by comparison.

    Of the 18 actors nominated five or more times for best actor only only two failed to win, Peter O’Toole (8 nominations with 0 wins) and Richard Burton (6 nominations with 0 wins).

  • punch drunk fool

    Leo in my opinion is one of the best actors in Hollywood. He shoulda won for the Aviator.

    Two to add to the list are Brad Pitt and Joaquin Phoenix. Pitt is hella good and I think a lot of people hate on actors like Leo and Pitt and even Mark Wahlberg just because it’s “cool” to do that. And to back it up they bring up a mediocre performance or a movie that is overrated and say that the actor is not good. With DiCaprio its always ‘Titanic was so overrated; Leo was awful”. I think he did pretty good in a big budget blockbuster film, which was a little overrated but not because of Leo but the Oscar win. With Pitt people always say “oh he’s just playing himself and he’s overacting” Watch movies like 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Tree of Life (which I think is his best chance yet) and more. He always picks good scripts and great directors especially his bromine with Fincher. Now Mark Wahlberg might not be Oscar calibre but he has had a couple of amazing performances: Boogie Nights and The Departed. He should’ve won for the latter. This performance and Tom Cruises in Magnolia are the only two I think were completely snubbed by the Oscars in their years. I mean what were people thinking?

    Anyways, I come to Joaquin Phoenix who is an excellent actor but ends up running in bad years. His role in Gladiator was great but I don’t think win worthy. But the downer was Walk the Line in which he ran against Phillip Seymour Hoffman (who finally won for Capote) and Heath Ledger. All of them finally won except for Phoenix who gave the performance of a lifetime in Walk the Line. Hopefully his new movie with the good Paul Thomas Anderson will get him some Oscar love.

    Finally, actors who are Oscar material but need a role that hasn’t been overlooked yet are: Robert Downey Jr., John C. Reilly, Jim Carrey (don’t laugh cause the Truman Show, Man on the Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind were all good performances, the last was a complete snub) and I know this last one is crazy cause he’s technically only done one Oscar-nomination worthy performance but Adam Sandler. In Punch Drunk Love. PTA uses what Sandler exaggerates in his comedies (the short temper, anger issues, silent self degradation) in a way never seen before. He pulls this amazing character out of Sandler and crafts a brilliant film.

    I know a lot of what I said might be a little crazy but maybe just watch these films and see the performance, not the actor, and maybe you’ll change your mind. I’m not aiming to do that haha, I’m only 17 but don’t just disregard me now. I think I have a pretty good taste in films and no I’m not just some horny car obsessed chickchasing teenage boy. I love movies too.

  • light

    Depp could be nomination for Edward Scissorhands. Depp is phenomenal as Edward.and also Ed wood,Donnie Brasco , before night fall,Blow ,libertine.public member don’t like him.why ?are they jealous ? Oscar is silly.

  • Mara

    Ralph Fiennes!

  • Carla

    What about Mickey Rourke? He hasn’t won an Oscar either.

  • Amy


  • Eric

    BRAD PITT….C`mon !!! How can you not put him o the list ? He is a great actor with great performances. He played wonderfull in movies like 12 Monkeys, Se7en, The curios case of Benjamin Button, Babel…and the list can go on !!! Anyway i hope he wins this year or the next years, he is not an actor to “sucumb to the lifetime achievement award”

    • Constance

      Brad Pitt is the worst actor in Hollywood.

  • Paul

    What kind of silly list is this?
    Best actors to have never won and it includes one who has actually won and one who has never even been nominated? I think this is just a list of your favourite actors who you think have been slighted.
    Peter O’ Toole is last on the list, that says it all really, the most nominated actor to have never won. By numbers alone he should be far and above nearly everyone else.

  • Kimmi

    After losing for Born on the Fourth of July, It’s been my theory that Tom Cruise gave up Oscar visions and went after the fat pay checks. It’s not a complete sell out move though; his movies have been entertaining, sometimes endearing, and fun, whereas Nicholas Cage who won an Oscar brings us Ghost Rider.

  • Cool Arrow

    I concur with Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman.

  • phillip more

    The academy awards is a joke for never giving Leo an oscar! pure robbery.

    • Jim

      I don’t see how any of the actors from 1-8 are even close to being better than Grant & O’Toole, with the exception of James Dean who I still think isn’t better than either of them.

  • Starks100000

    Brad Pitt not on the list or in the honorable mentions. Wow.

    Johnny Depp is a one-trick pony only good at zany roles? Ever seen Donnie Brasco?

    Ed Norton is probably too high on the list, but still one of my favorite actors.

    • Asashii Fustazi

      yeah name just 1 brad pitt performance that was oscar worthy, just 1

      • Shlobadoch

        Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds, Se7en… any film he’s been in.

    • refriegn

      Johnny Depp plays different roles. His performance in Blow was oscar-worthy. For someone to take control of every movie they are in like Depp does, he is worthy. However, Number 1 should be Leo, he has the most widely ranged resume as anyone on the list. Inception, Blood Diamond, Titanic, Shutter Island, Departed, etc. He makes every single movie he is in a success because he successfully forms to the role he is given. Haters will hate, but these two and Brad Pitt deserve an Oscar sooner or later. And I think the first two will get one for sure.

  • Starks100000

    Also, no Gary Oldman. Incredible.

  • Helen

    Leo Dicaprio was robbed for “Gilbert Grape” losing to Tommy Lee Jones for playing….Tommy Lee Jones!

    • Asashii Fustazi

      half way playing a mental handicapped person or a slow person doesnt mean it was oscar worthy. Leo isnt as talented as Tommy Jones pinky finger!

  • Daniel

    Umm. About your honorable mention Matt damon has a Oscar him and Ben afleck won for best screenplay with goodwill hunting its what launch his career

  • kopal

    how can one forget liam neeson????such a gifted actor..few cud hv played schindler as he did..

  • TC

    Tom Cruise is the best actor ever and he deserved an Oscar a long time ago. His acting skills are amazing and is one of the few actors to achieve success before the age of 30.

    Thank goodness Brad Pitt and Robert Downey are not in that list, both are overrated and can’t act.

  • TC

    Johnny Depp is not Oscar worthy, he’s been playing these annyoing Tim Burton gothic trash for over a decade.

  • Cheeseball

    hey, what about John Lithgow?

  • Anna

    Leo Dicaprio should have really gotten that Oscar for playing Jack in Titanic, his performance was so good. No one can play Jack like he does. He’s so natural, even in his other movies. Maybe they shun him because they think he looks too commercial, but they shouldn’t, it should be all based on acting, not on how oscar-like the actor’s vibe would be.

    Plus also Brad Pitt should be in the list, I know people think he is overrated, but really he can act, at least when I watched the mexican(not oscar movie i know), but then in my opinion he isn’t as good as Dicaprio. And lastly, Johnny Depp, he is one of my favorite actors, but really, I do not think he’s been robbed of an oscar, because his roles are generally quirky and funny and unconventional, but he seems to act the same thing all over again in different movies, but he’s funny and I like him.

    Now if Leo reaches the end of his career, still not winning, that is just injustice, he should have one a long time ago in the first place.

    • John

      All the way down these comments, every actor in creation mentioned & nobody but nobody gives a shout to Richard Gere?! An icon if ever there was one…at least a nomination? And what about a bigger one…Costner? Granted he has a non-actor Oscar, but like Gere & Harrison ford we are talking about icons like Cary grant of their era, they all are Oscar worthy

    • Kimmi

      Leo will win as an old man, like Martin Scorsese.

  • Rob

    How could you not include Richard Burton? He was nominated 7 times and never won. He is one of the greatest actors of all time. To include modern Actors like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, and Leondardo Dicaprio is absolutely insane. These actors still have long careers ahead of them, how you could include them and not Burton is obscene!

  • Vincent

    Liam Neeson[Schindlers List 🙁 ], Alan Rickman, Kevin Bacon, Ralph Fiennes, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Ed Harris, Bill Murray, John Cusack, Gary Sinise……

  • Asashii Fustazi

    Sorry Jim, James Dean revolutionized a method of raw and unscripted acting never really seen in movies until he did it, he played real characters not some leave it to beaver stiff cardboard BS, even out shine rock Hudson on Giant and thenyou realized just how artificial Hollywood was until he came along!!!

  • Asashii Fustazi

    Sam Rockwell and Ed Norton i can see they make Leo’s performances look like he belong on a tv show like growing Pains, oh yeah he was on growing pains, this boys life is his best peformance to date only because Deniro was there to help him shine!

  • xristina

    It’s so unfair Johnny Depp has not an oscar!!!Come on guys!!He is the king of cinema!!!!

  • ozan

    every time I see a list like this, I always think of john cazale

  • zsuzsanna

    And Ralph Fiennes?
    IMHO he is one of the greatest, his transformability is unique (and what a stage actor!) he is unrecognizable in his different roles. Pure analysis and wonderful performances with restrained tooles.
    He’s not late yet, but it is just in time to get it. .

  • Constance

    Underrated : Tom Cruise – Johnny Depp – Samuel L. Jackson – Gary Oldman – Kevin Bacon.

    Overrated: Leonardo DiCaprio – Brad Pitt – Robert Downey Jr. – Mark Wahlberg.

  • Jackie

    Spencer Tracy, James Garner, Cary Grant….all winners in my book.

  • LoLo

    Leo deserves it. Al Pacino to me is VERY overrated. He does the same character & tone in every moving. Zero stretch “whooo ha”

  • max

    peter o toole gave the best performance ever in Lawrence of Arabia. period.

  • sai ram

    Where the hell is jim carrey!!in the list…he is as best as above ones!!infact even more far from them!!!