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  • Alex Vida

    In your category Top 10 Adopted Celebrities you list Edgar Allen Poe as having been married in 1945.

    Everything I've read about Poe's life state he married his cousin, Virginia, in 1935.

    In the interest of accuracy you might want to make a correction in that item.

  • heather

    sure thing, my source may have been incorrect. thanks for the information, I'll let the Top Tenz Master know tonight…I hope you liked the list despite the error…

    • Done and done.

      Alex, thank you.

      Heather, twenty lashes for you.

  • heather

    ouch 😉

  • atorus

    keep the lashes coming: Poe lived in the 19th century, so it was 1835, not 1935. 😛

    • Okay, I have confirmed that he married Virginia Clemm (age 13) in 1836 in Richmond on May 16. The reliable source is The Poe Museum<a>.

      Sorry, Alex.

  • heather matthews

    indeed, atorus, you are correct. i'm feeling the lash, no worries 🙂

  • Colin Hall

    It just goes to show that being adopted does not automatically lead to the child being held back. I was especially interested to hear that Steve Jobs, Debby Harry and Richard Burton emerged as stars from an adopted background. I wonder what would have transpired had they stayed under the protection of their original parents.


    Col 🙂

  • Steve Byars

    You might want to update your comments about Steve Jobs. He is no longer fighting cancer. He’s dead.

    • We have update the list entry for Steve Jobs. As an Apple loyalist it was tough to do.