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  1. :0ME
    :0ME at |

    you forgot giant humans and magnifying glasses those are the worst enemies of ants

  2. Hugo
    Hugo at |

    I loved this list, this may be one of my favorites so far. Things like this always interest me, so thank you for writing it.

  3. Tom
    Tom at |

    Great list! I had no idea half these things existed and I had no idea wasps were related to ants. The Ant Mugging Fly was the funniest and is appropriately named. 😀

  4. brian
    brian at |

    no ant eater…what the hell

    1. Jonathan Wojcik
      Jonathan Wojcik at |

      I explain that at the very end…anteaters are more adapted to eat termites, not ants.

  5. eugene noah
    eugene noah at |

    what about us “human” ?

    1. Bogleech
      Bogleech at |

      This is a list of animals who adapted especially to prey upon or parasitize ants. Humans wouldn’t count at all, we kill all sorts of things, not just ants…and even then, we wouldn’t be anywhere near the top ten. Ants persevere no matter what we do to them. We wouldn’t even make a top 100.

  6. Mando Garza
    Mando Garza at |

    Serious question… why are Cockroaches and ants are not natural enemies? If scientists somehow figure out how to make ants attack cockroaches, we may solve cockroaches problem!

    1. Eric Watson
      Eric Watson at |

      Ants and Cockroaches are natural enemies to humans. Unless you like living with them. I refuse to visit California because of the amount of Cockroaches they have down there. One flew from a bush, bounced off a car, hit the house and flew up my girlfriends back and when I whooshed it off….it went to my arm and on my face. The thing was so big, plus the ones I saw crawl out of a bathtub drain, then all over the inside of houses eating any foods open or in the frig. I have seen them restaurants. I worked at casinos cleaning kitchens and saw them coming from the walls and other. The part that really etched its way in my mind is when I was in Santa Ana and the City pulled a bush from the ground and millions of Cockroaches spread so fast. They were prepared, workers dumped two 5 gallon buckets of diesel on them and lit it before they could spread even further. The bigger they are the warmer the weather is. Even where fleas cant live in higher altitudes, Cockroaches will adapt to any climate…..with the exception of freezing areas year around.

  7. ccdakil
    ccdakil at |

    When I walk through the brush on my pathway to go filshing I get bitten by fire ants. Is thee a way other than fire ant poison to keep them out of a 36 inch path.


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