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9 Responses

  1. jason stone at |

    loved the writing style and the list…very well done and very entertaining…my only complaint is that the list is too heavily slanted to Mexicans…as an American i’m offended and completely being sarcastic to show how aggravating it sounds to people who constantly make arguments like that…lol

    1. Jessy at |

      Hahaha :)

    2. TopTenz Master at |

      That dead horse just keeps getting a beat down. 😉

      1. auto devis at |

        That was funny

  2. Squig at |

    Great list, thanks!

  3. What Whatt at |

    Awesome and hilarious

  4. Dannymal13 at |

    Trejo is my freaking hero! I think he might be the only celebrity to trump the kick assness of Chuck Norris!

  5. dh12182 at |

    he is my idol my favorite other quote is (this is the boss)


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