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  • Kevin

    Uh, Ringo Starr is worth about $300 million dollars…he was hardly ever “reduced” to Thomas the Tank Engine. And Wonderful Christmas Time was released in 1979…a year before John Lennon was shot. Not to mention it pulls in about $400,000 a year in royalties because, well, people actually seem to want to hear it. The “people actually want to hear it” is, of course, opinion, but everything else is fact. You should do a little research.

    • Jessy

      Calm down… Be happy
      It’s Christmas! =D

    • Rob

      No one ‘wants’ to hear that abomination of a song. It’s simply foisted on us in the canned muzak played in stores during the holiday shopping season.

  • themagicalmre

    ” I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” earns a spot on my list

    • redstick

      Oh, yeah. Especially the cover featuring an obnoxious little S.O.B. who can’t wait to rat out his mom to daddy. “I’m Tellin’! I’m tellin’!”. Little creep….

    • Oh man, I forgot about that one. Or maybe my subconscious suppressed it. Too many awful Christmas songs, not enough spaces in a list for them all.

  • bean

    There would be no Christmas without “Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey”

  • redstick

    There ARE some decent Christmas songs. “Same Old Auld Lang Syne” is good, if a bit of a downer. “I’ll be Home For Christmas” is overplayed, sure, but the context (written in 1943, just at ‘battle of the Bulge’ time, so it remains a favorite with service members who will home “only in their dreams”.

    Huh. That’s not many, is it?

  • Robert

    Where is “Grandma got run over by a reindeer?” I despise that damn song!!

    • Jason O

      Um… Number 10. That’s where. Happy Holidays!

  • Steve

    ” You should do a little research.”

    Wow. Condescend much?

  • Ed

    3 words… JINGLE FREAKIN CATS!!!

  • Death’s Head

    Fun list, but I absolutely love #7, and that version in particular is my favorite. But still an enjoyable break from studyin for finals. Well done.

  • auto devis

    They made a movie about number 10

  • jason stone

    one of my favorite songs is Christmas Shoes..makes me cry every time..i know it’s not an uplifting song, but it has always gotten to me…Wonderful Christmas Time is, by far, the worst Christmas song of all time..Santa Baby i can tolerate other than the terrible Madonna cover…i still find myself singing to Alvin and Co. and Grandma Got Run Over….i can’t help but think of the creepiness of Baby It’s Cold Outside in modern context…I’ve never liked Mommy Kissing Santa Claus…who wants to hear a song about a child seeing his mom cheat on his dad? not Christmas-y at all…lol…the others on the list i just ignore with indifference…entertaining list though…great job and Merry Christmas to the readers of this site and all who are involved in writing and posting the content..been a faithful follower for years now…God bless

    • ParusMajor

      I hate “Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” as well, but I think the Santa actually WAS the dad in that song… the obnoxious part was that the kid was ready to rat out his mom and laugh about it

  • Fuzy2K

    “I’m sorry honey, but I’m not buying you a ‘hibbobotamus’ for Christmas…”

  • David Verney

    Given up after listening to the Chipmunks. Any more like that one and I’ll go crazy!!!