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  • Wally

    Where’s Shakespeare in Love?

    • den

      Where’s Titanic

  • Yeah, I completely agree about Chariots of Fire. I’ve tried to watch that movie a couple of times as an adult (I was 14 when it came out), and I still don’t get it. Oh well.

    • Orrin Konheim

      Actually, I think Chariots of Fire is really good and I’m a fan of the film. By not great, I mean it didn’t hit a general chord with the public
      -The author of the article.

    • My hmphs

      Wow, we couldn’t disagree more. Chariots of Fire is one of the best movies of all time. It’s based on a true story, but the film contrasts two of the runners from that British Olympic team, making their characters so complex and so deep that you want to learn more. Wonderful cinematography, superb acting and a brilliant message. Go watch it again.

      • Orrin

        I just stated that I like the film and I wrote the article. You must be replying to Rick. in which case you pressed reply in the wrong place

        • My hmphs

          Um, no, my comment is just underneath yours. It’s nested underneath Rick’s.

      • Orrin

        Well, in any case, I’m a staunch defender of the film and I regret that’s being misconstrued. The original title this was submitted as was “10 BP Winners that Aren’t considered classics today” and I don’t believe Chariots of Fire is well-remembered.

  • dotmatrix

    *cough* Ordinary People *cough*

  • Dennis

    “Chariots Of Fire” is the most boring, nonsensical movie ever made. I would have had it at #1–

    • Orrin Konheim

      It’s actually chronological order

  • TriviaFan

    That Chariots of Fire received the oscar over ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ is in itself a disgrace.

  • noah

    Chariots of Fire wasn’t that bad. I would add Slumdog Millionaire to this list; the fact that it won over Doubt and Gran Torino, neither of which were even nominated, is crazy. Also, you said that Forrest Gump is now almost universally hated – are you kidding me? That film is almost universally loved.

    • Orrin Konheim

      OK, I’ve never been a fan of that argument in any way shape or form. Forrest Gump is hated because it beat other pictures that are now loved more, not because on it’s own merits, it’s necessarily a bad picture.
      That’s why I spared Ordinary People and Dances with Wolves from this list as well.
      May I suggest this article for further reading?

      Author of this article

  • Suds

    Forrest Gump absolutely deserved the best picture win. Pulp Fiction was disgusting.

  • Steve

    Slumdog Millionaire?

  • Dennis

    The only person who would have any use for “Chariots Of Fire” would be an anesthesiologist.

  • RunDTC

    Unforgiven should be here. Truly do not understand how that won Best Picture.

  • Bhavna

    Hey, stop the fire! How can you list The English Patient on #1????? As I was scrollin down, I thought there will be certainly “The West Side Story”……..just tell your editor to watch movies properly before writing anything crappy…..BIG SHAME for such a relevant site.

    • Are you kidding me? The entire toptenz site is irrelevant because I didn’t list West Side Story? There’s a difference between consensus opinion and a personal opinion. You surely have a right to think that West Side Story is awful but there’s little evidence that it’s universally considered an awful movie, that a lot of people think the way you do, and that it isn’t considered by many sources to be a classic.

      Although, I will reveal, miscommunication: English Patient is #1 chronologically.

      • Dennis

        Before she died I could watch Natalie Wood read the phone book for hours–Anything she was in was great to me whether it was actually great or not.

  • I agree with a lot of this list, but CERTAINLY not Chariots of Fire! Chariots of Fire is awesome! Its a rousing, inspirational, QUOTABLE film!! “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me FAST! And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”- Eric Liddell

    How about Driving Miss Daisy not only winning over Glory, but Glory not even being nominated!?!?Then there’s the whole Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan nonsense. Did they REALLY, for a SECOND, think that 14 years later, Shakespeare in Love would be in our hearts and minds and “all-time great” lists over Spielberg’s masterpiece?

  • B.Tree III

    In ten years “The Artist” will make the list.

  • B.Tree III

    Forgot to add, good job on the list.

  • Charles Campbell

    I disagree about The English Patient but I do agree that it is reviled. I see it as a superbly mounted film. Slumdog Millionaire I have yet to see but I am surprised that Forrest Gump was not there. A stinker for sure!

  • Charles Campbell

    I should have added that Oliver does not belong on your list. It is as enjoyable today as it was when it was released!