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  1. Jonathan Hopkins
    Jonathan Hopkins at |

    BRILLIANT…and chilling!

  2. Simply Ridiculous
    Simply Ridiculous at |

    Wow!! Bizarre!!

  3. Megan
    Megan at |

    There is a glaring error in this – the molasses disaster happened when a huge tank of molasses erupted, not when a truck carrying molasses did. There is no way that much molasses could fit in a truck's tank at that time period.

  4. Concerned Reader
    Concerned Reader at |

    I just wonder why "9-11" is not on the list. More than 3000 people lost thier lives…well over the numbers of any one of the above stories, and what is more bizarre than terrorists flying planes into buildings?

    1. dimitriy
      dimitriy at |

      9-11, although very tragic, only killed 3000 people compared to the 10,000 in Bhopal. I think the American people like to overemphasize the point of 9-11 and let me not in any way underestimate the seriousness of the disaster but it is by far not the worst if and when death toll is taken into account.

      what about the hiroshima bombing and chernobyl disaster? both unusual as neither have been repeated before or after on the same scale. and the effects of both are still felt today through genetic malformations.

  5. Keppoch
    Keppoch at |

    @ "Concerned Reader": 9-11 isn't a "natural" disaster and if you read the paragraph under the title, that's clearly the definition of the list. 9-11 was a planned event. Under your definition, you ought to have the Hiroshima and Nagasaki detonations.

    One important occurrence missing from the list, though is the Halifax Explosion:

    The Halifax Explosion occurred on Thursday, December 6, 1917, when the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was devastated by the huge detonation of the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship, fully loaded with wartime explosives, which accidentally collided with the Norwegian SS Imo in "The Narrows" section of the Halifax Harbour. About 2,000 people were killed by debris, fires, or collapsed buildings and it is estimated that over 9,000 people were injured. This is still the world's largest man-made accidental explosion.

  6. Pasttime
    Pasttime at |

    I considered the Halifax Explosion and it was one of the last items left off the list.

  7. lillylithium
    lillylithium at |

    @ "Keppoch": Obviously YOU are the one who is mistaken about the definition of this list, NOT "Concerned Reader." Would you call two planes colliding in midair due to human negligence a natural disaster? I certainly wouldn't. The one I am surprised to see missing from this list is the disaster at Chernobyl. Although only 56 people died due to the actual explosion, hundreds of thousands were exposed to the radiation and a huge land area became uninhabitable.

    PRIDEMW at |

    i thot the hiroshima tragedy should hev med t on your top 10.

  9. Trace
    Trace at |

    good article, only issues I had was with the writing techniques. No reason to put in "Suddenly the tank exploded" or "suddenly this, suddenly that". We are talking about stuff that happened decades ago, and it is not written in the form of a story. Just say, "the tank exploded", leave the suddenly to the 5th grade story writers.

  10. Jake S
    Jake S at |

    What about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912? I mean of the 2200 passengers on board only approx 750 were saved. Therefor around 1450 of them died in very horrible tragic ways. Most drowned some probably died from the ship falling on them and a few from the panic of the others around them trying to get on a life boat. Not to mention the whole thing should never have sunk in the first place if they took time to really make sure the ship was fully ready to go. They rushed it and didn’t give it the proper tuneups before going because they didn’t want to push back the deadline to leave and also wanted to go as fast as the ship was able to go which was a lot more than other ships back then thus giving them less time to steer away from the iceberg that ultimately killed the majority of them.

  11. atul sharma
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  12. Swapnika Kumar
    Swapnika Kumar at |

    My mother survived the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. She was only 8 years old at that time when the incident happened but she remembers everything. Her parents awoke at midnight coughing and unable to breathe properly and they all (my mom, her parents and 3 brothers) rushed outside in the cold. The streets were crowded and many people died not because of suffocation but because of being trampled and exposure to extreme cold. People refused to share blankets or food items. It’s a miracle how my mom and her entire family got out alive without any major injury/gas related problems. But now sometimes my mom complains about a burning sensation in her throat and difficulty in swallowing food which possibly is an effect of the leaked gas. The incidents still haunts a lot of people and listening to my mother telling the incident runs shiver down my spines.


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