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  1. PCmaniak at |

    It's weird… i live in portugal, been here for 25 years and never knew about n4, as in… there is consoada but it's just the translation of Xmas Eve and we have some traditional dishes but turkey is being widely adopted, by the living… only, no dead people.

  2. Sam at |

    the horse head one cracked me up so much

    1. HannahMondo at |

      Typical Welsh people. Had the lucky position being born and raised in Swansea… And yes the horse head bollocks exists… Although for what purpose,I have no idea.

  3. Anders Svenneby at |

    I'm a Norwegian, I know a lot of our local folklore and tradititions, and I can assure you we do NOT hide our brooms at yuletime (Yes, we still call it Yule, because we celebrated it long before we had even heard of this Jesus guy).

  4. nolan at |

    the defecator guy is funny as hell can you buy a gorge bush one?

    1. biggfredd at |

      "the defecator guy is funny as hell can you buy a gorge bush one?"


      Obamessiah, too!

  5. Jess at |

    I want the spain log lol

    1. david at |

      The Poop Log iss form Catalonia, not from Spain!

  6. Gwen at |

    I really enjoyed this list. It is really wacky and strange! Poop log? Defecating man? Hehe! Is that where Southpark got the Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo? Love it!

    1. Enric at |

      Yeha, I know it sounds strange, but as catalan I can affirm you that both, el caganer and the caga tio are really well followed traditions in christmas times. As you will already figured out, if not now I will tell you now, both traditions are focused on kids as adults just give gifts between them as on other countries….

      1. Alice at |

        Yeah, I had the poop log thing too as a child. It was even more fun when it pooped a huge chocolate dung. Yes, my parents are hilarious.

  7. Christmas at |

    There are lots of Christmas traditions that are practiced by a number of countries all over the world during the holiday season. These traditions can be as diverse as the culture and religious practices of each and every country in the world.

  8. jj at |


  9. Kaltala at |

    Ok,the whole Horse Skull, Kallikantzaroi , and Hiding Your Brooms seems more like halpween than something you would see around christmas….

  10. Hall of the Wendigo at |

    The Welsh horse skull thing is fantastic. I demand that everyone, everywhere in the world does it from now on.

  11. NeoSegador at |

    I am Catalan, emos These traidicones always had very young so I guess I do not see odd .. To add a note, the traditional caganer i there a variant that is some of the characters in caganer echos year. Political football players etc. .. In the rest of Spain are sometimes criticized these traidiciones but at least we do not kill bulls .. Once again it shows that Catalonia is not Spain.


  12. NeoSegador at |
  13. Laura at |

    I’ve loved Caga Tio and El Caganer all my life… A Christmas without them is not a Christmas!

  14. Bizarre Music at |

    Those are pretty bizarre, the skull one especially. Given the pagan roots of the seasonal festival, it’s no wonder there are weird traditions.

    For the weirdest MUSIC related to Christmas, try:

    There’s spooky, odd, and just plain silly songs there – all free streaming online.

  15. Ana at |

    It’s consoada not consoda and while most of us don’t use the extra plate tradition anymore, it is true.

  16. bb at |

    Okay, where are you people getting all this Norwegian Witch and Broomstick info from??? I’m Norwegian, born and raised, and I have NEVER heard of people hiding their brooms during Christmas so the witches won’t get them…


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