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  1. Ash
    Ash at |


    Thanks for the link and information! I've never heard of that disorder before, but that one is definitely more geneic and obviously life threatening.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Scooter
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  3. anon
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    Some of these disorders i had never heard about before coming to your page. Thanks for all the good information.

  4. Susan
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    Wow, that's quite bizarre!

  5. non24hourguy
    non24hourguy at |

    I have #1 on the list, non-24 sleep wake syndrome. Do I get a prize or something? 😛

  6. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    Oh thank you! I have 2 and 3 on this list. It’s past midnight and I and I can’t sleep because I had a sleep paralysis incident again and it freaked me out so I decided to look it up and see if there’s some way of stopping it. I feel like crying right now because it’s constantly keeping me awake and I just want it to go away. Now that I know what it is I feel like I can do something for it now.

  7. Ian
    Ian at |

    You should probably include that during sleep paralysis, many (and I mean MANY) people experience hallucinations. Because they cannot move, some people imagine demons or apparitions sitting on top of their chest, thus preventing them from breathing. Some people imagine alien abductions.

    I myself have experienced this disorder every once in a while. I keep hallucinating apparitions, with one of the more frequent ones being a girl who bears much resemblance to the girl of the Grudge or the Ring movies.

    Also, one of the worst parts about this disorder is that many people wake up thinking it was a dream.

    Knowing this, I would honestly put this at number 1.

    1. Jessica
      Jessica at |

      That is true. The first time it happened to me I thought it was a ghost thing because I heard someone sighing right in my ear and I thought I saw someone in an orange shirt. It’s indeed a very scary thing. But now that I know what it is, I’ve been taking a vitamin called melatonin a few hours before I go to sleep. It’s been helping a lot and I haven’t had that happen since.

      1. Ian
        Ian at |

        Good to know. I just deal with it and think to myself what could my mind throw at me next?

  8. Ian
    Ian at |

    Also, I am more than sure that It has to be the scariest of all the sleep disorders on this list.

    1. Paula G
      Paula G at |

      Oh my God, I’m 53 and still banging my head, and I also bang one or both legs. I used to tell my Mom no one would marry me because I bang my head. I have asked doctors, sleep professionals and anyone who might know have they ever heard of such a thing. The answer was always NO. And as far as the legs it’s def not RLS. It’s a harder kick depending on how hard it is to sleep. I even to this in my sleep. Please contact me if you ever find an answer as to why???? Didn’t see your email, hope it’s not months before you get this.

      Warm regards comrad,

      Paula Greenwood
      [email protected]

  9. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    I have this sleep problem. While i sleep i smash my head agaisnt the pillow repeatedly and hum. I dont realize im doing it. When i do it i’m tired the next day( i do it almost every night). I have a hard time sleeping. My mind and body wants to stay up late and sleep the morning and afternoon. Cant do that with work. My parents say i’ve been doing it since i was about 1. Doctors said i would grow out of it in about 10 years. Im now 22! My family doctor thinks its a joke what i talk about so he wont refer me to a sleeping cllient! If anybody has any information on this w.e it is, the information would be greatly appriciated!

    1. Ashley B-d
      Ashley B-d at |

      To Jacy/ Matt T.
      I appriciate the information you have given me. I don’t sleep longer but less. Every once and while I get 8 hrs off sleep and it is heaven! I want to fall asleep around 5:30 or 6 pm, but can’t cause i am going home. By the time I arrive at home i’m to awake to sleep. There for not falling asleep till 1-2pm or later (depends on my body and mind.) I wish it was the amount of melatonin in my body that affected this or the light ( i have black out blinds, like a vampire arrggg! j.k) I have tried under and over counter sleeping products they don’t work. I do believe it has everything to do with the smashing of my head against the pillow, because that is what wakes me up a few times in the morning. I’ve tried different types of sleeping methods, that you and my family doctor have suggested. They don’t work :'( I would love to go to go to a sleeping a client or hospital to be monitored. But as i said my family doctor thinks i’m full of sh*t. Because, lets be honest have you or any body else heard of with my condition? I haven’t. I don’t mean to come off as bitchy, rude or ignorant. I’m just so frustrated, and want it to stop. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read and respond this weird crazy sleeping condition i have.

      Ohh and also if i stay the night at my boyfriends I don’t smash my head against the pillow, but also get to next to no sleep, but am fine and functional durinf the day. So wtf to all right

      Matt T.

      I understand where you are coming from. I really wish i could help you but i don’t think i can. If i get any information that can help i will post it on here as a reply. I’m don’t have enough computer knowledge to reply to you personally. Lol. Music, reading, and tv/movies don’t relax me, they keep me up, and my mind racing. I try to fall asleep by counting down from 100-1 or try blanking my mind( “trying to sleeep nothing going on in here, sleep sleep sleep blank mind blank”) I’m moving across the country at the end of the month Hopefully a new doctor can help me and take me seriously. Its now 10 to 3am. I’m most likely going to read a few chapters before trying to sleep. In 51/2 hrs I will be up for 24 hrs. Not tired in the least bit!!!

      So yeah if any of you two have new suggestion or anything helpful will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you to Jacy for trying to help

      If i have anything helpful information, Matt. T I’ll write you. Because this just sucks.

  10. tez
    tez at |

    i sleep 18 hours at a time sometimes.. I even take adderall and i can still sleep.. I wish I could just sleep 8 hours at a time. I dont this subject under any of the sleep disorders. Once they said I have a mild form of narcolepsy, then they said I have chronic fatigue syndrome. what ever its called, I hate it. I also work the night shift but I dont think that has too much to do with it because i’ve worked all shifts and the same thing still happened.

    1. jacy
      jacy at |

      It could be that your have abnormal amount of the sleep hormone your brain produces, making you sleep for longer than you need to. Prehaps you could do some research about that and see what comes up 🙂 have you tried light therapy, putting it on a timer plug so it comes on the same time each day and this has been proven to help people naturally come out of slumber as the intense light filters in through your eyelids into your eyes and into your optic nerve which then travels up the optic nerve like messages to your brain to start producing the ‘wake’ hormone. If you tried this a couple of hours before your desired waking up time (don’t do it too early as this will make it harder as you’ll have alot of melatonin (sleep hormone) in your body) and you should find that gradually you will start waking up earlier and sleeping less. I hope this works for you 🙂

  11. Lachlan
    Lachlan at |

    I’ve had No 2 – Sleep Paralysis on several occasions, though not for about the last 15 years. I first had it as a teenager, whereby I was in my bed one night and the outside streetlights were on, someone walking in the street, then all faded to blackness, all sound stopped, then a green-glowing apparition appeared and darted around and above me. I couldn’t move or make a sound. It touched my face and later disappeared and the lights and sounds came back on. That happened several times over a while, then stopped.

    Then in 1994, it started again in a different way ! It is best described as a succubus experience. I was living in Putney, London and “she” came back twice, each time more intimate. She felt warm to the touch in a womanly form, though too dark to see her face. I was again frozen and mute with terror. The first time, after the dark came and all sound stopped, I just felt a weight on my legs and nervously putting out my hand, found it was a smooth leg across me. I followed the leg and discovered it was attached to a young woman. I was too scared to turn and look at the face. My throat choked as I tried to say something. I finally croaked out “What’s your name ?” and suddenly felt a finger on my lips, as if not wanting me to speak. Then all drifted back to normal and she was gone. The next time though, I was able again to get some words out through my fear, though barely audible. Again I asked “What’s your name ?” and this time replied “Caroline”. I was living in a rented room and the landlord’s old mother had died in that room years before. I thought to ask him her name. If he’d said “Caroline” I would have freaked completely ! Caroline never returned after that. The power of sleep paralysis !

  12. Matt T
    Matt T at |

    I found this article fascinating and suprising on sleep disorders. I came across your article due to the fact that, I personally have quite a bizzare sleep pattern myself. I can be awake from 7am to 2am the next day on a normal day and yet when it hits the weekend, I sleep from 2 am to 1-2pm the next day. Ive tried sleeping “Normally” or reading a book or listening to music to get me to sleep but none of these work. I was just wondering if you could give me some advice and thanks for the info! 😀

  13. Clint H.
    Clint H. at |

    This is interesting. I have to say, I have a very bizarre sleep schedule myself in that it doesn’t really exist. I sleep anywhere from 2 to 24 hours at a time, and am generally awake for anywhere from 3-24 between them. I’m incredibly tired all the time, usually, but I’ve always attributed this to being sick. My body seems entirely incapable of setting itself into a ‘normal’ sleep pattern no matter how hard I’ve tried, and therefore when and how long I sleep is constantly in flux. For instance, last night I went to sleep at around 6 am and woke up at around 1:30 pm, but for a few weeks before that i was just going to sleep at a random time in the day, usually anywhere from 8 am to 2 pm, and waking up anywhere from 6 pm to 12 am, and before that I was just sleeping in 24-hour periods where I’d be awake for an entire day and then asleep for an entire day. Can’t seem to fix this though.

  14. jim maners
    jim maners at |

    For sometime, I awake at night and have heard what sounds to be a pipe being struck with a hammer. I never told anyone and it does not happen oftern. Now it appears I have “Exploding Head Syndrome!” At least I know I’m not the only one.

    Thanks so much for the info!

  15. Carole Heath
    Carole Heath at |

    I have had sleeping problems since i went tinto the menopause at 53 years old, i am now 65 but i still experience sleeping problems. I suffer with migraine so this doesn’t help the situation either. Sometimes i go into such a deep slepp after not being able to sleep for a few days i wake up with a buzzing head and it is also in my ears the horrible sound. It does last all day sometimes and it can lead to a migraine. My doctor said it is to do with the migraine i suffer from but i have also noriced the buzzing etc gets worse when i get stressed for any reason. All i know i could do without any of it which can really make me feel grotty as i can never tell when it is going to rear its ugly head. Inow take a regular dose of feverfew tablets one a day and that does help with it so hopefully it may disapear altogether soon i hope so.

  16. Molly O'Donohue
    Molly O'Donohue at |

    Saturday, May 04, 2013
    1:57:09 PM

    This was very interesting reading and I really feel for everyone suffering with these numerous afflictions! I was wondering if anyone has heard of (supposedly this man is sleeping when this happens) a sleeping person making very strange (& I mean strange) everything from animalistic, guttural sounds & shouts (no discernible words) to what other neighbors refer to as satanic sounds & noises. These are very loud sounds (sometimes) that I am referring to, if I go out into my garden or sit on my front porch, these noises make it impossible to enjoy being outside (& forget reading – I’ve tried)! Now here is what really gets too me, this man rents a room in the house next door to mine & sleeps (?) night & day with his windows wide open! I consider myself a compassionate & tolerant person and if this condition does exist & he suffers from it, I will turn up the TV & stay indoors! Unfortunately, I do not seem to be able to find any confirmation that this exists. My neighbor told me, when I asked, that it is “arithma” hmmmmmm & she works in a hospital. And I double-checked that she had not said “arrhythmia” because I am familiar with that term having “a fib” myself. Actually, I was reading on my porch last year, having just returned from a three month hospital stay – oops, I was in a coma for 2 months & recuperation was really slow, when I heard these terrible noises seeming to bounce around the canyon area here – this is the middle of the afternoon – and I could not figure out what was making these continual loud noises, after more than 30 minutes I knew they must be some family member of a neighbor on a weekend pass from an institution. (I realize that may seem contrived, but I did, literally, believe that. A few minutes later my friend walked by & told me those noises were coming from next door to me, what a shock. I do apologize for going on & on, but please if anyone’s heard of anything resembling this “condition” please reply & I will check back often. Oh boy, I think I will just keep this missive to myself, I really must have needed to vent!
    Thanks for your time,

  17. John
    John at |

    It seems, like a lot of people on here, I suffer from no. 2. Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone it’s good to know I’m not alone. I do a lot of shift work and I suffer from it when I’m very tired and have been trying to keep myself awake. It was frightening at first but now I can stay calm when it happens and will myself to fully wake up. I do this by first trying to move my hand and then shaking the rest of my body as hard as I can. I still don’t like to go to sleep again after an attack of the condition, especially because of the way your still breathing like your asleep and it feel like you can’t get any air. I don’t think the guy with the caroline story suffers from it, maybe he has a different type of disorder.

  18. Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson at |

    I may have the non 24 hour one! No matter what I do I never get tired easily.. Always wanting to do something.. Especially when I’m alone n bored! Lol I don’t really get tired unless I’m laying flat or cuddled up w someone then I will pass right out..mostly

    1. TopTenz
      TopTenz at |

      We’re special, I have the REM Disorder one!

  19. Emily Goss
    Emily Goss at |

    I have Narcolepsy (with Cataplexy) but it includes many of the other sleep disorders such as Hypersomnia, Sleep Paralysis, RBD, Bruxism and Somnambulism. Thankfully never had the RLS or Apnea. Wish someone could find a cure.

    1. TopTenz
      TopTenz at |

      Wow, so you have half the list or so

    2. Emily Goss
      Emily Goss at |

      Yeah it sucks. A lot of people don’t think these disorders are real so it makes me look lazy and crazy. They should try it sometime. It was nice to see it on the TopTenz.

  20. Hakan
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  21. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    I have for the past 145 weeks been woken from sleep every night from midnight to 0600 hrs between 1 to 5 bangs a night on my bedroom window with only 3 hrs sleep a night – intimidation to sell my corner block property and the cobs are as useless artist on a bull.its not a bird flying into my window do have 6 ir megapixel security cameras, led floodlights with ir scanner sensors

  22. Carole Starling
    Carole Starling at |

    When I try to sleep or even just nap,there is this group,sometimes a singer,sometimes a band or a group of singers and musicians making very noisy chaos over in the corner of the bedroom. It is so annoying and wearisome,I can’t sleep and stay tired all the time. At times the noise will be very low and at times very loud: it will go away once in awhile. My husband blesses and prays at the particular area and puts holy water in the area the noise where the singing,playing of instruments is is coming from. We are at a loss to understand just what is going on. If anyone out there has experienced anything similar to this please contact me.


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