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  • chad

    good list but why do you have a clip from the Larry Sanders Show in which Scotty Thompson doesn't even appear?

    • Excellent question! I was having problems finding a clip with Thompson but without swearing – I will keep looking. If anyone else sees one a ywhere please leave me the link as a Canada day present!

  • Crazy2lolo

    Deadwood is the best… Forget the rest.. Sorry Canada..

  • I don't know how the show Corner Gas and its characters play into this, but that show is one of my top favorites of all time. Up there with Seinfeld, Arrested Development and 30 Rock as comedies ahead of their time.

    • Corner Gas is a Canadian show so it isn't eligible- this is a list of U.S. TV shows that have fictional Canadian characters on them. Otherwise, Trailer Park Boys would definitely have to be on here, too!

      • But I have seen Corner Gas on WGN, a Chicago station. 😉

        I still mourn its passing.

        • Corner Gas is a Canadian production that some US TV stations picked up in syndication- but it's definitely a Canadian TV show. Nice try, though 😉 There are 2 new shows now featuring actors from Corner Gas, "Hiccups" starring Brent Butt (Brent LeRoy) and Nancy Robertson (Wanda) and "Dan For Mayor" starring Fred Ewaniuck (Hank). Not sure if they are airing in the US or not yet.

          • Bob

            As a Canadian, I can say both are terrible.

  • JDubbia

    What aboot the McKenzie brothers? Bob and Doug eh? The Great White North greatest show on TV hosers!

    • I agree! Unfortunately they aren't eligible for this list -they first appeared on SCTV (a Canadian comedy show), before starring in their own animated sitcom (Bob and Doug, also a Canadian show). I've changed the title of this list to "Top 10 Canadian Characters on U.S. TV *shows*" to prevent further confusion. Some Canadian shows get picked up by U.S. TV stations, but this list is about shows made in the U.S.A. that feature Canadian characters.

  • Frank Cayer

    Here in Quebec, Canada day is not really a good day

    • I'm on the opposite coast of Canada and admit I hadn't thought of Canada Day from that perspective (ignorant of me, sorry). I'm sure not everyone in Quebec feels that way?

    • Jon

      It’s not really a good day for closed minded french people, for us Anglos, it’s still a great day!

      • Melissa

        I agree w/ you Jon. It's only a bad day for close minded separatists (and thankfully there aren't as many of those as there used to be, people are getting smarter) for the rest of us it's a good day. Montreal has all kinds of festivities for Canada Day; fireworks, music, etc, activities…

        I really don't know what Frank's going on about.

        So, I don't see what Frank is going on about.

        • Melissa

          Ooops, sorry for repeating myself. lol

  • Sean

    It's so awesome you included Holling and Shelly from Northern Exposure! 😀

  • dopetype

    hey! im from the same province as Wolverine! badass!


  • Dean

    How about Michael J Fox and William Shatner. How could you forget Shatner. He's going to be playing the father in the new sitcom Sh*t My Dad Says.

  • Dean

    How about Michael J Fox and William Shatner. How could you forget Shatner. He's going to be playing the father in the new sitcom S**t My Dad Says.

    • Those are both real people so not eligible for this list made up of fictional Canadians…

  • Dude

    so canadians celebrate their most important holiday on my birthday? sweet….

  • Johnny

    Worst list ever

  • Kimberley

    i love that you added Robin from How I Met Your Mother. while reading the entire list, i was hoping she’d be on there. love that show and how proud she is of her canadian roots. oh, and also how much barney hates canada. haha.

    • I think she became a US citizen at some point since I wrote this list, which is kind of disappointing from this list’s perspective.

  • Murphy

    I know it’s cheesy, but I still love Due South.

    • Was it shown in the U.S. or are you Canadian? For anyone out there who doesn’t know what it is: Due South, although set in Chicago, was a Canadian TV show filmed in Toronto. You can see a clip of it at the TopTenz YouTube channel.

      • Had to agree

        I know I’m very late to this, but had to add my 2 cents – Due South was a great show and should have been on this list…

        • Had to agree

          and was aired on US television for about a year, so it qualifies.

          • A show doesn’t become a U.S. TV show just because it gets aired on televisions in the U.S. Due South is a Canadian production, so it’s not eligible – sorry. Another list idea might be the top 10 Canadian TV shows… I think Due South would have a spot on that list due to it’s longevity and popularity.

  • proud canadian

    I wonder if Terrance and Philip are loosely based on ‘Kenny vs. Spenny’? I haven’t seen South Park, but I know that the South Park guys are credited at the end of Kenny vs. Spenny. It’s the strangest show up here in the North. My station airs it in the middle of the night when all the little kiddies are sure to be asleep so all kinds of naughty fart jokes can be told. They are best friends (frienemies?) who live together in Toronto and each episode is a challenge between the two of them. The victor chooses a shocking and horrible humiliation for the loser. It’s over the top!

    • It looks like Kenny vs. Spenny first aired in 2005, while Terence and Phillip made their first South Park appearance in 1997 (Death episode).

      • proud canadian

        ooh…maybe Kenny vs. Spenny is based on Terence and Phillip 🙂

  • Cally

    I have to say I’m kind of sad that Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis didn’t make the list. He’s awesome 🙂

  • Turk

    I loved the Simpson episode where the go to Canada to get cheap persciption drugs. Ned Flanders is getting along great with his Canadian clone “howdidly doodly neihboreino form the north” follow by a whole bunch more “okaly dokalies”, ect then the Canadian Ned asks them if they want to smoke a “riefarieno” and the American Ned is appauled and they part ways. You nailed it whe you said we are known for hockey, beer, and being polite, but you forgot to mention cheap perscription drugs and almost legal (soon it will be completely, but still regulated) marijuana!

  • daddyostjames

    Dudley do-right show was took place in Canada, not in the U.S.A, so it should not count?