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  • Lizzie

    What about the Disney castle?

  • Lizzie

    the disney logo is international

  • Jonnie Hinkle

    Great article, well written, my choices too!

  • Bri

    Very late comment but…yeah, what about Disney Castle?

  • Jerry


  • Bob

    I thought I was the only person who loved movie studio logos!

    RKO is my favorite with 20th Century Fox and Universal (the old one with the plane AND the even older one with the sort of kaleidescope rays coming out) right behind.

    The updated Columbia logo is also fabulous!

  • joey

    Umm what about Ghostbusters? Come on it's classic!

  • Lizzie

    Technically, the Ghostbusters logo isn't really a Movie STUDIO logo, just a movie logo

  • bruce

    guys can u help..what is the production studio where you go down a road like in a desert and then lightning hits a tree at the end…please help?!?!?!?!

    • 6 years later: It’s Jerry Bruckheimer Films

  • I think the lightning strike logo is from Jerry Bruckheimer films.

  • Lilkty

    how about dreamworks? that one’s pretty cool!

  • moonrunner22000

    This might have been an interesting list if not for the fact that six of the ten videos had been pulled for copyright infringement.

    • I agree, so I went and found all new replacement movie clips for all the missing logo animations for everyone’s enjoyment.

  • Jim

    I think Alfred Hitchcock directed the MGM lion sequence. Also, the MGM lion killed his trainer the following day!