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  • This list is missing the biggest con game of them all: marriage.

    • decayed

      to true

    • ABiPolarGuy

      No, No that would be politics.

  • Ryan Ja,es

    The first one is from the movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

  • Brian

    Don't forget the white van scam, I'm still doing it. STFO.

    • bob

      Yeah, some white van douchebags stopped me in the parking lot a couple weeks ago. I gave their license plate number to the police.

  • SuperSparky

    Notice how the name "Ponzi scheme" applies to the private sector. In government it's called a "social program". Both collapse under their own weight eventually. The only difference is one is done by government sanctioned theft. A scam nevertheless. It makes the politicians rich without fear of jail. The best Ponzi yet.

    • lastwave

      you blew my mind sparky. so true….

      • lastwave

        on second thought. paying a tax is not investing. when i give the govmt money i have no intention on getting it back. a ponzi scheme claims you will get a big return. so my mind is un blown. in fact sounds like your just another greedy repub. social programs HELP people. i do admit some take advantage, but not the majority.

  • Mark

    I stopped reading after number one, if your gonna rip off Lock Stock and two smoking barrels, at least mention them

  • The sense that gives a person is so true!

  • homebrew for wii

    Wow. The three card monte. I haven’t seen that trick in ages. I nostalgia’d all over this webpage once i saw that. brought me back to my magic days in the 7th grade. I used to be quite the magician.

  • coach united world

    If current events have proven anything, it’s that there is no more potentially profitable con game than the Ponzi scheme. The trick dates back hundreds of years, but it was popularized by Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant to the U.S. who swindled investors out of millions in the early 1900s before being arrested.

    Read more:

  • Jen

    You guys really think that con was from Lock, Stock? Most cons have been around forever
    , including that one, so there was no need to give credit to a movie that didn’t invent it I the first place. Also, I agree there is a lot of government waste but for those of you who don’t want to pay taxes, you are insane. How do you think your cities run? Who are you going to call in an emergency? Stop being so high and mighty by thinking you can do it all by yourself. If you think that you are being very unrealistic if not delusional.

  • just money

    the cat talking abut the three card game is a lame you played a game you knew better than playing but played anyway the funny thing is no one made you play or took your money out your hand you were trying to take his money and lost what i mean by lame is i bet you would tell the police you were robed thats what you should tell the police when you leave the casino…..

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