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  • Little_Sam

    I was born at raised less than 5 miles from “Ivy Green”, Helen Keller’s childhood home, and am quite familiar with the controversy over “The Frost King”. My personal opinion on the subject is that Annie “read” the Canby work to young Helen and Helen remembered it years later. Helen probably honestly did not realize that Canby was the true author. We may never know what the real truth is. In any case Annie and Helen are amazing women. What the two of them accomplished the two of them together did is truly a “miracle”. The contribution that these two women had to the acceptance in our society of the disabled is unquestioned and truly remarkable. Whatever the truth of this incident is, it does not diminish the contribution these two women had in our acceptance of the “handicapped” throughout the world.

  • Charles

    You would think Mein Kampf would be somewhere on this list.

  • YouRang?

    Some great material here, Bryan. I really enjoyed this list a lot. There are some on here I’d never heard of. I would call them “obscure controversial” books, but that seems like an oxymoron. Ah, well…

    The Kinsey story is especially interesting due to the moral and legal questions it raises. We may never know what Kinsey’s real research methods were, because to admit to that might have subjected Kinsey and others to public shame and possible legal prosecution. So many lies and evasions have been given now that the truth may well be lost forever.

    English as She is Spoke is just baffling. NO ONE could be dumb enough to do that… could they?

    • BryanJ

      I’m glad you liked it. I agree some of the information was pretty shocking. A large collection of books could have been used in the article. It was hard to narrow it down to only ten.

  • Ian

    Not to be offensive, but I think the Bible and the Qur’an should be on this list.

    • The R

      Obvious troll is trolling obviously.

      • Ian has made many positive comments on so I don’t think he is trolling. I actually agree and probably most religious books could be on this list as religion is controversial by its very nature.

  • Idris

    What about the Turner Diaries

    • BryanJ

      Good Call, the Turner Diaries is definitely a book that could have been included.

      The Turner Diaries is a novel written in 1978 by William Luther Pierce (former leader of the white nationalist organization National Alliance). It depicts a violent revolution in the United States which leads to the overthrow of the federal government, nuclear war, and, ultimately, to a race war leading to the extermination of all Jews and non-whites. The book was called “explicitly racist and anti-Semitic” by The New York Times and has been labeled the “bible of the racist right” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

      The Turner Diaries has been associated with a number of real-life violent crimes. Most notably, some have suggested that a scene depicting preparation for the bombing of the FBI national headquarters, served as the inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 by Timothy McVeigh, who had promoted the book.

    • Steve

      Or how about “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” to stay in the racist, anti-semitic genre. It still sells countless copies all over the world today, even though it’s been revealed to have been created as an anti-semitic propaganda piece by the Russian Tsar.

  • VivekM

    Brahmastra is not a book. Doesn’t belong to this list.
    The “controversy” that you’ve pointed out is also too lame. This is what happens when people try to create data make it to the list complete with “10” items at all times

    • YouRang?

      Technically, VivekM, you’re correct. But… I don’t think Bryan was just trying to fill out this list; I can think of a dozen books offhand that could have done that quite well. It’s a question of wanting to write about the Brahmastra and then having to find a list where he could shoehorn it in. Hehehe. To put the Brahmastra on a list where it actually fits well, he’d have had to come up with nine more items like it, and that might take months or years.

      • BryanJ

        Nice call.

    • Lateisha

      Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tricky at all!”

  • thetypeman

    Submitted for your approval, similar to entry #7, written by a “friend” of my dad’s in his little northern NH town:

    I own a copy of this book, but haven’t been able to try & actually read it. Should be a great dose of crazy

  • Legionary

    What a thoroughly enjoyable list. I am in no way religious at all, but I wouldn’t mind reading some of the Poem of the Man-God

  • Anon

    Where’s the Bible? I’m not trolling, it’s the truth, saying otherwise would be trolling, millions of people believe in it, without reading it thoroughly and think everything is true, it is the most conversial book becuase the readers (who as well believe in the the religion) controverse themselves.

  • Peter Boucher

    “The Origins Of Species” by Charles Darwin made him into by some religious sects the most evil man who ever lived just based on his theory of Evolution (which I am a firm and staunch believer in). Survival Of the Fittest is the term coined regarding that theory

  • Peter Boucher

    “The Origins Of Species” by Charles Darwin made him into by some religious sects the most evil man who ever lived just based on his theory of Evolution (which I am a firm and staunch believer in). Survival Of the Fittest is the term coined regarding that theory. Creationists are the evil looney birds when it comes to this subject

  • Evan

    How about the “anarchist’s cookbook?” it was published in the 70’s I believe