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  1. Renee
    Renee at |

    Hugh Hefner??

  2. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I know I had him on my shortlist but I knocked him off because to me his cradle-robbing is part of his profession. He didn't start off dating super young women, it was just that he got older while the models that he employed did not. His first wife Mildred Williams was 23 when they got married in 1949 (Hugh was the same same age) and they were married for 10 years. I don't know that any of this indicates that he is a cradle-robber by nature; more just by convenience… In fact, according to Wikipedia, his first wife confessed to cheating on him early in their relationship so perhaps he was just desperately trying to prove himself and not the genuine playboy he pretended to be…

  3. Barb
    Barb at |

    How about Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caufield?

  4. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    Caulfield and Mills' relationship definitely meets the criteria. Yet, while it was Juliet Mills' third marriage, it was the first cradle she robbed (she was 39, he was 21). One cradle isn't enough to get her on the list but it's always nice to see some women cradle robbers for a change! They have been married for almost 29 years…

  5. Ellen Alterman
    Ellen Alterman at |

    What about Hayley Mills?

  6. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I can't find any information about Hayley Mills being a cradle robber, but her first husband Roy Boulting was: he was 33 years older than her when they got married. The marriage lasted 7 years. According to his obituary, Boulting was married 5 times – not sure about the ages of his other wives at this time…

  7. Allison
    Allison at |

    What about Hugh Hefner?

  8. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    @Allison – I answer that one up in the comments posted November 18 (above) – he does seem like a likely contender but I think the 10 on my list outrank even him…

  9. Noble
    Noble at |

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  10. billytonka
    billytonka at |

    What about!..

    Ana Nicole Smith – J. Howard Marshall?

    he was 63 years her senior

  11. tashi
    tashi at |

    wat about that guy who married his 13 yr old cousin i forget his name but he sings great balls of fire

    1. Angel
      Angel at |

      jerry lee lewis?

  12. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    Hmmmm – I don't think J. Howard Marshall is considered a cradle robber so much as Anna Nicole Smith is considered a gold digger… The Great Balls of Fire singer Jerry Lee Lewis was 23 when he married 13 year old Myra Gale Brown so he fits into the cradle robber category. I took the following factors into account when I decided not to include him on this list: it was 1957 when they got married, his own sister got married when she was 14, and he didn't continue cradle robbing after their divorce 13 years later. What I find more interesting: 1) he married Myra before his divorce to his previous wife was final 2) Myra was his 2nd cousin.

    So, if I ever make a list of top ten bigamists or top ten kissing cousins, I think Jerry Lee Lewis will definitely be on there (not to mention top ten rockabilly musicians of all time!)

  13. RollingStoneCPT
    RollingStoneCPT at |

    How about Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones?? He was 60 odd, she was 18 or 19?!

  14. Karl
    Karl at |

    Can't leave out Clint Eastwood + Dina Ruiz!

    * Clint Eastwood Jr: Born May 31, 1930

    * Dina Ruiz: Born 1965

    – They got married in 1996

    ~Ages when married: 66 V.S. 31 : 66/2+7 = 40 (Clint) V.S. 31 (Dina) = big-time cradle robber

    Today: 80 V.S. 45 : 80/2+7 = 47 (Clint) V.S. 45 (Dina) = 16 years later, still would be a cradle robber today!

    *** "Extra cradle points": Clint's first child (daughter, born 1964) is older than his wife (Dina).

  15. Alice
    Alice at |

    So Jack Nicholson in “Something’s Gotta Give” was playing himself – an old cradle robber 😀

  16. Diana
    Diana at |

    Oh my god. MADONNA! totally should be on this list :S

  17. Beto
    Beto at |

    Tony Randall & Anthony Quinn

  18. jason stone
    jason stone at |

    i’m guessing this is just for actors/actressses but what about celine dion and her hubby renee angelil? he was her manager when she was discovered at either 13 or 14 and he was in his 40’s…they have a 26 year age difference and have been married since 1994..and nobody thought this was really creepy or weird? not quite the courtney stodden situation…but close.

  19. anon
    anon at |

    Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng


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