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  • Shawn

    Wow. That Yoga one. Just wow.

  • michael_37

    I did not see lazytown – some of these I never seen before…

  • sixteen64

    TerraHawks! … Used to scare the hell out of me, i was about 4-5 when that was on tv and used to hide behind the sofa when them wrinkle faced things came on screen


      May be you were too young for that kind of show. I was around 10 what this show was in my country, and I was running from school every day not to miss an episode. I loved them a lot.

  • Joel

    David hart is now on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job” on adultswim. He sings songs about being in love with an insect woman and about the benefits of email. And yes he still has his puppets

    • Dr. Zoidberg

      I have seen just a tiny part of that show. It’s super creepy.

      • arbleich

        T&E Awsome Show was supposed to be weird and creepy. That was the goal. Comedy through creepiness.

  • Jessy

    Dirtgirl world. The When ever it is on i stare at it scared!!

  • tassie devil

    I had all the Terrahawk action figures and a few ships when I was a kid. New, in box, Terrahawk action figures now go for around $350 each!

  • I don’t like the yoga-bashing happening here. Agree about Dirt Girl.

  • Oli

    This one creeps the bejesus out of me –

  • ed

    NO TELETUBBIES?!?!?!?!?!

    • Voca

      In my opinion, teletubbies kinda look like monkeys and don’t really scare me, but I guess it could be creepy, I think the baby sun is…weird.

  • Peter Fitzhugh-Goode

    I have no doubt as to the mental and physical benefits of yoga, but EI EI Yoga was just beyond the pale- WOW!!! I wanted to quit watching it but like any good train wreck I. just. could. not. look. away. This has got to be the creepiest thing I think I’ve ever seen… My only question- WHERE WERE THE PARENTS?!?!

  • steve

    sorry but think dirtgirlworld is great, as does my one year old son. actually teaches kids good lessons about gardening. do some research and you might find a show called “Mulligrubs”, god that show was awful. Anything to do with religious programming is plain scary, for kids or adults.

  • Wendel

    What, no TELETUBBIES?

    With its odd characters and a baby faced sun this was the creepiest show I ever saw.

  • puck

    Boobah is a really fun show! and it does have stories there’s characters like Brother and Sister, Mr. Man, and grandma who do little vignette that are great.

  • angela

    OH WOW!! and i thought Teleltubbies was creepy.. but THE YOGA GUY???? who the heck put hm on any type of show// esp a KIDS SHOW! and yea WHERE WERE THE PARENTS??? i am totally creeped out!!

  • Kimberley

    Ok, that clip of El El Yoga is possibly the creepiest thing I have ever seen. It was creepy from the first frame, and it just got worse. Some guy putting his grubby hands all over a bunch of kids in leotards… oh hey, lets make a kids show of it!!

  • Dave

    Sid and Marty Crofts HR Puff N Stuff is the creepiest kids show ever! In fact I am getting the willies right now just thinking about it, bwaaa..a…a.a.a!

  • Lulz vultre
    Now think what you’ve made!
    The Cat in the Hat will never be the same…

  • emma

    Great article, you should write for Cracked.

  • Dave

    The creepiest kids show of all time is H. R. Puff n Stuff! I still get creeped out! Bluck!

  • cian

    Hey no Moomin here? The Groke from Moomin scared the hell out of me as kid!!1 And she still gives me the creeps. ugh.

  • bigg3469

    There was a show at aired on KABC TV back in the mid 1970’s called Domingo! (Sunday) About the adventures of Chavo (a boy) and Chivo (his goat sidekick) where the freakiest part about this show was a freaky looking character that looked like a severed head with floating eyes rolling around “floating” all over the place like a beach ball! That freaked me out everytime that character came on!

  • bigg3469

    Hate to say this but the 1970’s version of Rupert Bear that was reported lost by a fire has now resurface on YouTube nd the videos of the 1970’s series is now owned by Carlton International. And you’re right that one character Raggety is one so freaking scary that even Freddy Kruger would be afraid of !! eeek!!!

  • Arandompersonn

    What? I LOVED Jay Jay the Jet Plane when I was a kid! One of my favorite shows from when I was pretty young. I never thought it was creepy, certainly nowhere near as creepy as teletubbies!

  • Dianne

    That was some scary stuff, as a Christian Scientist I don’t know if i should be laughing or crying.  I just heard some of my most beloved church hyms massacred and sung by a scary looking pedo and his puppets, the result being my ears are now bleeding and i may need to go pray to recover …huddle in a corner saying oh dear God, oh dear God repetitively   lol

  • Shelley

    Anyone know a children’s series from the 70’s that was shown on the ABC in Australia? I think it was British, and possibly even in black and white. It had giant pumpkin things rolling around a village and eating people (NOT attack of the killer tomatoes!). There was something to do with a Granny and her sewing machine…. This may have been a real-life traumatic event in my life that I suppressed.
    It was like a 10 part series, so it didn’t run for long. But I was terrified and still think about it now! Thanks.

    • katie

      I would give anything to find out what this show was called! I remembered being utterly terrified! I remembered it as a big magical evil pumpkin that if it touched you then you would also become an evil pumpkin, but I was so young I probably mis-remembered the details but I have tried to find out what it was for years. Please leave an answer here for me if you ever find out what it was. Cheers!

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