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  1. wombat
    wombat at |

    Wow, what a waste.

  2. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    This list is very interesting, but please try to improve your grammar. There are many mistakes that make smooth reading very difficult. Perhaps you should slow down and read through it thoroughly once again before finally posting your article. Thanks for your consideration, and best regards.

  3. JulesFogel
    JulesFogel at |

    I don’t know what grammar mistakes you’re talking about. I think the article is remarkable. A sentence in the President Obama gift section can be reworded, and there’s one article missing, but otherwise, it’s a sharp, well-written article.

    Didn’t know that much money is involved in the gifts rich people give to each other! Boy!

    1. Dina
      Dina at |

      I agree – people gifting such expensive gifts to each other in this economy doesn’t make sense. Poor people are starving in so many countries. Why not make better use of this money? It’s a nice article, very readable and enlightening. What I’d like to know is, do these rich people get some kind of tax write off from the IRS that the rest of us don’t? Anyway, think of those empty bellies out there and you’ll stop nitpicking on grammar issues.

  4. ABiPolarGuy
    ABiPolarGuy at |

    It should be noted that gifts like this to president Obama or any president become the property of the US government, lest anyone see anything improper in the president receiving them. I believe even his daughters cannot retain the earrings for themselves.


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