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19 Responses

  1. rajiv at |

    whatever is written there is fully correct i am fully agree with that ….
    so i say it’s petty nice which would be very helpful for other who are keen interested to know about top ten people by that they can know the world best known people …………………

  2. Kinny Fear at |

    I can't believe they left out Mike Jones!

  3. Jeff at |

    How is the president only number 10?!Then again I guess Oprah is more powerful

  4. Allison at |


  5. Gwen at |

    I would love to have phone numbers from the 10 reclusive people on the list you had a week or so ago! That would be amazing. I really don't want to talk to any of these guys. I would have nothing to say other than stammer something smarmy and kitchy maybe?? Hey Bono, stop snapping your fingers, or clapping your hands and no African children will die? Oprah! Do NOT retire!! President Obama, I am so glad I voted for you. It has been a tough year, I hope you get Time's magazine cover of the year this year. I don't think these guys care to hear whatever we rubes have to say do they??

  6. Jess at |

    Hmm I wanna say hello to obama would be fun to see how his dog is going

  7. Anat at |

    Wow! This is awesome. Great to know that such successful people still have time to help people out.

    Kudos to them.

  8. david at |

    called the president. but the line was busy

    1. Elizabeth at |

      It is seriously the real number!!!??? Wow…

  9. jim at |

    this is a list op 10 well know people who have access to a phone.

    I love the site and many lists are great but this is just a bit much. Really, call the PGA and they'll let Tiger know you called. LMAO

  10. Mara at |

    Ok, where are The Beatles?? D:

  11. Peter Boucher at |

    I remember before he died a few years ago, but the famous one-liner comedian Henny Youngman always had his telephone number in the NYC phone directory. When asked why, he responded with : “You can never tell if there is a job waiting for you out there”. Good for you and God Bless Mr. Youngman

  12. Ethen Connor at |

    I am not supporting this top 10 list..
    where is MICHAEL JACKSON???

    1. U at |

      Try calling him and see If he answers

  13. Nello at |

    No Jesus, God, Michael Jackson or Morgan Freeman?

  14. shamsudeen Abdul kareem at |

    i av a secret dat can bring peace 2 d whole world.

  15. tenzin tashi at |

    the rankings are not correct as per me.

  16. Jeff at |

    The queen picks up


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