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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer at |

    The lantern rogue guy's head is bigger than his body.

  2. Mike Z
    Mike Z at |

    Heard there are plans for an award presentation for the worst of tv…like an anti-Emmy.Also the E! network show, The Soup has a yearly awards presentation for stupid events in talk shows, soap operas, and reality TV. Their award is the show's logo on a large gold spray-painted can on a wood base. One recipient of the Award was David Caruso of CSI: Miami for best sunglasses removal in a TV show. here's the link to the clip showing David Caruso getting the award… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNzdTva2d9E

  3. Pete
    Pete at |

    Love this list. We should start something like the Ernies in the USA.

  4. YouRang?
    YouRang? at |

    The Lanterne Rouge guy retired? From being LAST? What was his retirement speech? “They won’t have me to kick backwards at anymore?” Why retire? Just quit showing up and see if anyone notices…

    The poor McDonalds woman only wanted enough to cover her medical bills and McDonalds own lawyers tried to get them to pay up. But with hundreds of boiling coffee complaints on file, McDonalds refused. I was rooting for her all the way.

  5. Anna
    Anna at |

    Interestingly enough, the McDonald’s hot coffee case was not frivolous at all. The coffee was so hot that the woman had third degree burns. It was actually hotter than what regulations allowed. If you look into the details of the case, it turns out that the case that has come to signify all the frivolous lawsuits and that started the push for tort reform really has nothing in common with those cases.

  6. bobby
    bobby at |

    i love you


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