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    "The game show was a major part of the plot in the Academy Award winning film, Slumdog Millionaire. The crown jewel of moments in the movie was when the first million dollar winner had all his lifelines still in tack (wrong), and wanted to call his parents (who were both dead), to let them know he just won the million dollars, as he knew the answer to the final question."

    You never even watched Slumdog Millionaire or you would know how incredibly wrong that description is. Ugh!

  • GarrettS

    Thank you for your interest in the article. The editor mistakenly changed the word “Game” to “Movie” in the paragraph. The paragraph (minus the first sentence) was talking about a moment in the actual game show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” Where a contestant wins the grand prize by first calling his parents before giving the final answer.

  • Movies

    My mistake, thanks for clearing that up, that's an impressive feat then. I've not watched the game show very often, but I know those later questions are really tough.

  • Little_Sam

    Great list!! I love it!! I agree with all your picks except Deal or No Deal. I think What's My Line? should be somewhere in the top ten instead of Deal or No Deal. I am glad you put Jeopardy! number 1. Jeopardy! has always been number 1 in my book. Good job, with one minor complaint.

  • bloodwts

    Deal or No Deal should be bumped as it is purely luck. It is the kind of "game show" you'd see in a Las Vegas casino.

    A better choice for that spot might have been Hollywood Squares FTW. It played host to so many celebrities over the years and gave us the catch phrases "… for the block" and of course "…for the win"

  • B

    C’mon, no Chuck Barris?

  • SteveC

    Good list, I agree with most of the shows on here, if not their placement. Pyramid’s a bit high and WoF’s a bit low, and DoND probably shouldn’t be here at all (replace with Hollywood Squares, perhaps?)

  • Flu-Bird


  • DyNama

    in terms of just the game, i enjoyed watching “Split Second” back in the 70s, hosted by Tom Kennedy. no celebs, just 3 people trying to answer trivia questions that had 3 parts, each player to give 1 answer. cash was awarded based upon how many of the 3 players gave a correct answer. the highest grossing player in 2 rounds was given a big advantage in the final round but still had to win that one too. the winner of the final round was then given a key and if it started the car the player picked from 5 new cars–every day s/he repeated winning against 2 other players, the number of cars was reduced by one–s/he won the car!

    nice list, i enjoyed reading it, but Hollywood Squares definitely belongs on it! possibly number 1 in my opinion.

  • Spurwing Plover