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  1. Claude
    Claude at |

    Totally agree on #4 and #3. You forgot one though: “Requiem For A Dream”.

    1. Timeea
      Timeea at |

      A top 10 list is often not enough to satisfy everyone. I agree with you, Requiem for a Dream is another fascinating movie, a very powerful drama. It’s amazing how well the film director portrays the mental states of his addicts.

  2. M
    M at |

    I think you’re viewing a lot of these movies as they’re viewed today, not really when they were released. “Psycho” was made on the cheap and almost as a TV movie, it’s a horror classic, but I really don’t know about oscar winning. Maybe sound design, but most of these might qualify for a technical, but I really don’t think Oscar worthy. Poltergeist? Ghostbusters? Classics, but not quite that caliber…

  3. Tom
    Tom at |

    Godfather III does not live up to the standards of the first two, it simply does not merit an Oscar. As for Shawshank Redemption, I have always felt the movie is over rated. I never saw Frost/Nixon so I cannot comment on it.

    Otherwise, I think it is a good list.

  4. Top 20 Lists
    Top 20 Lists at |

    I agree with most of them, but Godfather III and Ghostbusters….NOT SO MUCH!!

  5. Timeea
    Timeea at |

    A high budget is not required to produce films that will last forever.

  6. TriviaFan
    TriviaFan at |

    Raiders of the Lost Ark was clearly not only light years ahead of the other films that were nominated for best picture in 1981, but the greatest movie ever made.

    The nominees that year were “Reds,” “Chariots of Fire,” “On Golden Pond,” and “Atlanc City.”

    “Chariots of Fire” was a good movie and receive the Oscar, but clearly Raiders was robbed.

    1. Wendel
      Wendel at |

      Not robbed really.
      Hollywood has NEVER admitted that fun adventure films were REAL movies.
      That is why comedies and science fiction/fantasy films never win and are seldom nominated.

      As for “Raiders” I agree with you 100% but remember, “On Golden Pond” was Fonda’s last film
      and the last chance for the Academy to correct a glaring error. “Tootsie” should have given Dustin Hoffman the best actor award, but they HAD to give it to Henry Fonda.

  7. karisma
    karisma at |

    Basic Instinct isn’t of the same caliber as the rest of the films on the list. Without Sharon Stone’s interrogation flash, no one would have cared about that film at all.

    Poltergeist would never win – it’s horror and the Academy snubs horror regularly. Plus, not as good a film as everyone thinks it is.

    Godfather III is a stinkheap. Nevermind and Oscar – it barely deserves to bear the Godfather name. There were kernels of good ideas that just got bogged down by terrible casting, terrible decisions and its own heritage.

    1. TriviaFan
      TriviaFan at |

      I have to agree with the general sentiments here regarding Godfather 3.

      It just did not have that magic, power, and aura of the first two.

      Not to mention Sophia Coppola was one of the worst casting choices ever, could not act her way out of a paper bag.

  8. RKae
    RKae at |

    Forgot “The Elephant Man.”

    Nominated for 8; didn’t win diddly. (At that time there was no award for makeup. The award was created the next year for this very reason.)

  9. Kev
    Kev at |

    Once upon a time in America wasn’t nominated for any oscars because it was submitted too late to the academy or something. I remember reading an article on the film in uncut magazine in the UK, and it was some silly thing like that. I’m confident with James woods, robert De Niro and the incredibly well respected Sergio Leone it would have won something if eligible. Also, Basic Instinct, is rubbish. In MY top 10 list it’s replaced by The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford, (which should have at least won best photography).

  10. joca
    joca at |

    I think pulp fiction belongs there to.

    1. shobhit bhatnagar
      shobhit bhatnagar at |

      This is the list of those movies which didn’t win even a single Oscar. Pulp Fiction won the Oscar award of “Best original screenplay’.

  11. Wendel
    Wendel at |

    It is interesting how time changes perceptions and how the movies that got Best Picture, which you never see anymore, are viewed next to the “bombs” that are now considered classics.

    Shawshank Redemption failed at the box office suffering from a horrible title. Yet now, becasue of video and T.V. is is recognized for the classic actor’s movie that it is.

    Vertigo, for years, was considered Hitchcock’s worst film, panned by the critics of the day and the movie going audiences. The country had to “grow up” to appreciate it.

    I have to disagree with a few on your list of course. After all, this IS the internet.

    “Once Upon a Time in America” was epic, but epic is not synonymous with good. Just look at Heaven’s Gate and Legends of the Fall. This movie sank under its own weight and should have been done in two parts like The Godfather.

    As for Godfather 3, it had its moments, but I would not have voted for it for Best Picture.

    Basic Instinct generated controversy also for having a psycho who was gay. The gay community in Hollywood only wants positive depictions of gay characters. If they are not perfect don’t use them. AND a lot of the Academy either is gay, or cowers to the march of gay drums. Now if Michale Douglas had been Bi, it would have walked away with all the awards that year.

    And Frost/Nixon was just not that good of a movie. It was yet another attempt by Baby Boomers to to hang on to their relevance. How many “Teapot Dome” movies have you ever seen?

    Each year The Academy misses the boat when it comes to the “Best Picture.” The reasons are legion. No list is perfect, but yours shows how off the mark Oscar usually is. And how time shows them most of their mistakes.

    BTW, you forgot to add “Me and Orson Welles” to the list. No better acting was seen that year and it was a crime that the Academy missed it.

  12. mez
    mez at |

    “Steven Spielberg and director Tobe Hooper are the real stars of Poltergeist, both of them famous for creating awesome special effects”

    um? neither are special effects artists…..they are directors who made movies that have special effects in them…..they created no special effects, they had people do that for them…

    what a crappy list.

  13. Terri Sparks
    Terri Sparks at |

    I agree with most of your choice here. I can’t believe that Shawshank didn’t win an Oscar but seriously, Ghostbusters? Best Picture Nominees for the year 1985 were “OUT OF AFRICA”, “The Color Purple”, “Kiss of the Spider Woman”, “Prizzi’s Honor”, “Witness.” These are all well-deserved.

    1. Pacquiao Marquez
      Pacquiao Marquez at |

      You’re right and I completely agree. Also, Psycho. It’s an insult that Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar when he was alive.

  14. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    How about “The Flight Of The Phoenix” (1965) starring James Stuart and Richard Atttenborough

  15. Rick
    Rick at |

    And The Color Purple gets dissed once again. Incredible.

  16. Claire
    Claire at |

    anyone that says godfather 3 was good does NOT get to talk about movies!

  17. Darkmetal
    Darkmetal at |

    It is generally well known that “The Godfather III” was more of an attempt at making money than an actual attempt at making a worthy successor to the prior films. It was more of a “Yeah, they’ll buy that” rehash of the prior films than anything original, except now Michael is a doddering old fool who is a mere shadow of himself or his father. What would have been great is to see “older Michael” taking on the attributes of his Father, seeing him become the cunning, older “Godfather” who demanded respect with a glance, but still having enemies, with his son “pulled in” just as he was to a life of crime, the cycle repeated.
    I have often thought about purchasing the “Godfather collection” on DVD, but the inclusion of part III is a dealbreaker. I wouldn’t attain it from a $1 bargain bin.


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