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  1. mjs
    mjs at |

    was glad to see spoony on there, watched dog soldiers again just last week :o)

  2. TopTenz
    TopTenz at |

    I’m not sure I agree with #1 on the list: Tony Montana (SCARFACE) – what do you think?

  3. MoodyDick
    MoodyDick at |

    How about replacing the death of a non-heroic (albeit badass) character like Tony Montana with an egregious omission: the sacrifice and redemption of Boromir of Gondor. He put up a hell of a last stand only to be brought down when he sprouted a bushel of arrows. And he kept fighting until the last one struck, because he did not want to “say goodbye to his little friends”.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      That was an very heroic death. Good addition.

  4. matt
    matt at |

    Ditch Scarface. Nothing heroic about a drug dealer getting his. Add Boromir, or the soldier from Star Ship Troopers who nukes the cave at the end.

  5. Maverick
    Maverick at |

    Sean Bean dies in all of is movie and doesn’t make the list, so sad ..

  6. Logan
    Logan at |

    How Dennis Hopper in True Romance could be ignored is unconscionable http://youtu.be/lu_G1zaPCPw

  7. Bookdoc
    Bookdoc at |

    I agree with Paul-Harry Stamper should be #1. First, he substitutes himself for the guy that got the short straw, says goodbye, and then saves the world. A coked up gangster can’t compare…


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